Delectable Records Absolutely Deep 01

Delectable Records Absolutely Deep 01

Delectable Records presents Absolutely Deep 01, a cutting edge sound pack full of sharp cutting Deep sounds, distinctive grooves and liquid melodic parts that will take your productions to the next level.

This package is a great aid for all modern Underground Deep House producers, expect to find 261 superfine Wav Loops, 24 Perc Loops, 29 Synth Loops, 15 Pad Loops, 25 Bass Loops, 168 Drums Loops for a total of 24 Drumkits available as Tops and separate Parts, 206 Hits between 16 Sfx Music Shots, 28 Sfx Trans Shots, 24 Snare Shots, 18 Sfx Boom Shots, 24 Hat Shots, 24 Kick Shots, 72 Perc Shots as well 7 soft sampler patches Exs24 Kontakt Nnxt multi formats for a total of 490 unique Deep sound.

So you've got your track down, but need that most important Synth, Stab and Chord Pattern, Basslines or Drumkits and your pulling your hair out trying to find something that fits into your Deep track. Keep the creative juices flowin with Absolutely Deep 01!


24 Bit Quality
24 Perc Loops
29 Synth Loops
15 Pad Loops
25 Bass Loops
168 Drums Loops (24 Drumkits: Tops and separate Parts)
16 Sfx-Music Shots
28 Sfx-Trans Shots
24 Snare Shots
18 Sfx-Boom Shots
24 Hat Shots
24 Kick Shots
72 Perc Shots
7 soft sampler patches for Exs24, Kontakt & Nnxt

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