How to Write for Percussion: A Comprehensive Guide to Percussion Composition, 2nd Edition

The second edition of How to Write for Percussion expands the survey of behind-the-scenes processes-from instrument choice and notation to logistics, execution, and concert production-to uncover all the tools a composer needs to comfortably create innovative and skilled percussion composition.
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Struggling to finish the songs you start?

Instincts will get you started, but you may be missing important fundamentals.
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playcreativepiano Modern Tonal Harmony

The book MODERN TONAL HARMONY is an excellent resource for any student or professional musician that want to learn modern harmony in an easy and modern context. All musicians will find simple and innovative techniques to develop their creativity in modern harmony.
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Design of Low Power and Low Area Passive Sigma Delta Modulators for Audio Applications

This book presents the study, design, modulation, optimization and implementation of low power, passive DT-ΣΔMs for use in audio applications. The high gain and bandwidth amplifier normally used for integration in ΣΔ modulation, is replaced by passive, switched-capacitor branches working under the Ultra Incomplete Settling (UIS) condition, leading to a reduction of the consumed power.
The authors describe a design process that uses high level models and an optimization process based in genetic algorithms to achieve the desired performance.
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Final Cut Pro X 10.3 Apple Pro Training Series Professional Post-Production

The Apple-Certified Way to Learn
This fully updated Apple-certified guide presents a real-world workflow from raw media to finished project to demonstrate the features of Final Cut Pro X 10.3 and the practical techniques you will use in editing projects. Using professionally acquired media, you’ll utilize the same tools and editing techniques used by editors worldwide in this revolutionary editing software. Renowned editor and master trainer Brendan Boykin starts with basic video editing techniques and takes you all the way through Final Cut Pro’s powerful features.
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Evaluating the Experiential Quality of Musical Instruments A Psychometric Approach

Gian-Marco Schmid investigates how musicians perceive the experiential quality of musical instruments using a bottom-up psychometric questionnaire development process and finds that there are three main factors on which musicians base their evaluation of musical instruments: (1) experienced freedom & possibilities, (2) perceived control & comfort and (3) perceived stability, sound quality & aesthetics. This structure is similar to research regarding the conceptualization of violin quality. It is therefore suggested that musicians who use different instruments tend to have an analogical concept of instrument quality.
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Learn Guitar the Easy Way The easy way to play guitar using simplified chords

Have you ever wanted to play the guitar but didn't know where to start?

I know, with so many guitar websites and blogs out there, it's so easy to get overwhelmed.

I created this book, Learn Guitar the Easy Way to teach everyday people how to play the guitar. No, I won't be teaching you how to play the Flamenco, or shred the guitar like Carlos Santana - that would take years, even decades to master.
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Voicetracks Attuning to Voice in Media and the Arts (Leonardo Book Series)

In Voicetracks, Norie Neumark tracks voice across its various registers -- across the affective and the symbolic, the literal and the metaphorical. Neumark considers both traditional scholarly concerns and the resonances of voice for the listener who responds to the calls of creative works. She engages with the affects, aesthetics, and ethics of voice in the new materialist (or post-humanist) turn while also engaging with the thinking that happens in the making of art. She does this through the lens of her encounters with creative works in media and the arts, bringing into conversation "situated knowledge" and "carnal knowledge" (in this sense, the recognition of the body in knowledge) with theoretical and critical discourses around voice, sound, media, and the arts.
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Cr2 Records Melodic House and Techno

We are very proud to present to you our brand new production toolkit - Melodic House & Techno!

Containing over 605MB of original content, this sample kit is brimming with everything you need to get your productions sounding ready for the club.

As usual from Sample Tools by Cr2, we offer corresponding MIDI files for our Bass Loops as well as piano and synth loops, and we include our trademark Prod-Cast video tutorials and booklet containing tips and tricks from the producer.
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Three Quick Jazz Practice Tips: for all instruments

Here's a quick-read book to change your practicing – and your playing – today.
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Easy Guitar Scales and Modes By Matt Warnock

Learn Guitar Scales and Modes the Easy Way
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Popular Music Scenes and Cultural Memory Pop Music, Culture and Identity

This volume explores the ways in which music scenes are not merely physical spaces for the practice of collective musical life but are also inscribed with and enacted through the articulation of cultural memory and emotional geography. The book draws on empirical data collected in cites throughout Australia. In terms of understanding the relationship between music scenes and participants, much of the existing popular music literature tends to avoid one key aspect of scene: its predominant past-tense and memory-based nature. Nascent music scenes may be emergent and on-going but their articulation in the present is often based on past events, ideas and histories. There is a noticeable gap between the literature concerning popular music ethnography and the growing body of work on cultural memory and emotional geography. This book is a study of the conceptual formation and use of music scenes by participants. It is also an investigation of the structures underpinning music scenes more generally.
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Teaching Music Improvisation with Technology by Michael Fein

Incorporating technology in music classrooms can take the mystery out of improvisation. What music technology does is establish a strong foundation for chord, scale, phrase, ear training, and listening exercises, creating a solid backdrop for student expression. As author and educator Mike Fein shows, technology is a valuable tool that can be used effectively to supplement student practice time while also developing the skills necessary to become a proficient improviser. Complete with notated exercises, accompaniment tracks, and listening resources, this book gives teachers methods to set their students free to make mistakes and to develop their own ear for improvisation at their own pace. Broken down into significant areas of music technology, each chapter focuses on developing a new skill and guides readers to tangible outcomes with the assistance of hands-on activities that can be immediately implemented into the classroom. In addition to these hands-on activities, each chapter provides the reader with an "iPad Connection" to various iOS applications, which allows teachers and students another, albeit significantly less expensive, medium through which to learn, share, and create art.
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JFilt The 12 Pad Scale Manual 2015 RETAIL eBook

After the great responses from Essential HipHop Chords and The 16 Pad Scale Manual, I decided to show love to the 12 pad users. This came as a result of those wanting to use these ebooks but only had 12 pads as in the MPC500. Since the algorithm changes for 12 pads, the decision was made to create a similar technique for those with the MPC 500, MPK 25, MPK 49 or any other drum machine with the 3×4 grid formation. Instead of having to wait for both ebooks to be released one at a time, I decided to write and release these guys together since they make the perfect match. If you want to elevate your beats to the next level and gain the ability to sound like a live musician, these ebooks are for you! Creating melodies along with your own chord combinations have never been so easy with 12 pads until now. Have fun!
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JFilt The 16 Pad Chords and Progressions 2016 RETAIL eBook

If you are looking to use your 16 pad drum machine as an instrument, you should consider the 16 Pad Chords & Progressions ebook. This ebook picks up where Essential HipHop Chords left off. In other words consider this ebook the upgrade. Like its predecessor, this ebook was made to accommodate those looking to sound more like a musician. The difference between the two is that the 1st ebook displayed basic or essential chords for Hiphop. 16 Pad Chords & Progressions displays more advanced chords and expands more on the “specialty” section of Essential HipHop Chords.
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