Smokey Loops EDM Rave Drops

Smokey Loops presents 'EDM Rave Drops', a collection of Construction Kits and Vocals. Inside you will find 5 Construction Kits with Bass, Claps, Drum Loops, Kicks, Synths, Top Loops, Vocals and more.
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Pxs Global Grim Brxzy Vol.5 Drum Kit

808ZBellZ Cinematic Drum LoopZ ClapZ
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Hypn Comet Drum Kit

La Hypn ritorna con un nuovo kit collettivo! Il Comet è un kit ideato per creare beat Drill con sfumature sperimentali ed accattivanti. All'interno troverete il mix degli stili di LennyHoax, lucatype e ghen.dead
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Plugin Alliance NEOLD WARBLE

Organic Mojo Welcome to the ultimate vintage tape modulation & lo-fi effect: WARBLE. With ease, it makes everything you throw at it sound special, warm, and analog. Its three main effect engines can be used by themselves or in combination with each other, thus bridging the gap between ease of use and seamless versatility.
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Pxs Global Grim Brxzy Vol.4 Drum Kit

808sClaps FX Hats
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Hypn Signs One Shot Kit

220 Suoni originali creati da ghen.dead, LennyHoax e lucatype -13 Accents -10 Atmospheres
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Hypn Ascension Drum Kit

Ricco di suoni dalle texture spaziali, nati da un sound design sperimentale. Il kit giusto per creare il suono del futuro. Suoni
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North Posse Paris Robbery Pt.2

Contains: Projects FL STUDIO - 5 Samples - 162
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Dan Dean Essential Bass

Featuring six meticulously sampled basses from his own collection, multi-instrumentalist, Dan fuses his sought after tone and playing style with his deep knowledge of sample based instruments. The result is a diverse, record-ready collection of basses that embody his signature sound.
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Toolbox Samples Feel Guitar Loops

Played by a professional guitar player of 20 years experience and recorded, engineered & mixed by major label producer.. we give you everything you need to create that iconic guitar sound. Save the stress of hiring a guitarist, and save the time of engineering the recordings and dive straight into the progressions.
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JumpStart Arranging Beyond The Guitar

What if you could create your very first guitar arrangement with minimal music theory knowledge and with the guidance of a professional guitarist every step of the way? A beginner arranging course built from the ground up with 2 purposes in mind:
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Beyond the Guitar Arrangers Academy

There are 3 critical things every guitarist needs to effectively learn how to make their own guitar arrangements. When I see an aspiring guitarist who isn't meeting their goals and is on the verge of quitting entirely, it's almost always because they're missing 1 or more of these 3 things:
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Beyond the Guitar Masterclasses

27 of the monthly masterclasses from the Arrangers Academy course Shownotes are included with timestamps. Each masterclass is around 1hour.
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Udemy Acoustic Guitar Complete Intermediate Guitar Course

As a guitar player it is necessary to keep on exploring new techniques and build up on your present skillset. This intermediate acoustic guitar course has been designed for guitar students who want to take their skills beyond the beginner level.
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MORRIS & FENDII Off-World Sound Kit

THIS KIT INCLUDES: 80 Serum Presets 20 MIDI
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