Udemy Acoustic Guitar Complete Intermediate Guitar Course

Udemy Acoustic Guitar Complete Intermediate Guitar Course

As a guitar player it is necessary to keep on exploring new techniques and build up on your present skillset.

This intermediate acoustic guitar course has been designed for guitar students who want to take their skills beyond the beginner level.

Concepts covered include bar chords, palm muting techniques, power chords and advanced strumming techniques like the percussive strumming technique.

We have simplified the teaching style to make it suitable even for beginners to understand. After covering the theoretical concepts, we will take time to go through songs where these concepts are applied.

What you'll learn
Understand how to play bar chords at various positions on the fretboard
Understand the use of suspended chords in guitar playing
Use the palm muting technique
Be able to apply power chords when playing songs
Learn various strumming technique

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