SkillShare The Ultimate Beat Mixing Masterclass: Beginner to Advanced PART 1

Learning a new skill can be daunting. When it comes to skills like mixing beats, the involvement of complex software and effects can make it even more difficult. Hi, my name is Vishal. I have been producing music for 4 years and this skill has become second nature to me.
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Kyle Beats Layers

Layers is a Premium Percussion and FX Loop Library with over 200+ Layers at your fingertips. Use Layers like an Instrument or Drag and Drop it in like a loop. Each Layer auto-syncs to your tempo so you can save time stretching loops, and focus more on your creation.
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SkillShare TRAP FOUNDATIONS Make Tory Lanez Type Beats Music Production Masterclass for Beginners

Want to learn how to make trap beats like Tory Lanez? In this course we’ll make a beat from start to finish and show you exactly what goes into making a dope trap beat.
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SkillShare Mixing With Your Eyes Smart Music & Audio Mixing, Visual Equalization and Compression Techniques

Hello! Welcome to the Visual Mixing Formula for Beginners! In this course, you are going to learn how to mix using essentially your eyes.
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SkillShare Ableton 11 101 Orientation

Welcome to Ableton 11 and for taking your first step into the world of digital music production. In this class we go into the basic orientation of Ableton 11 and how to navigate this digital audio workstation. Ableton 11 is a complex piece of music production software with many features which might be overwhelming for first time users. As such, this course will help first time users with how to navigate this software and the most important elements of the program. It aims to help students with layout of the program, what the difference is between midi and audio clips, the difference between session and arrangement view and how to setup Ableton 11 with your system
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ProducerGrind PARAMNESIA One Shot Kit

Do You Struggle To Achieve That True Analog, Vintage Sound In Your Compositions? Drag-and-drop one shots, tastefully processed with warm analog effects that sit right in the mix (no expensive VSTs or effects needed)
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Jay Cactus The Vault Drum Kit

Each sound has been carefully mixed so you can spend less time tweaking knobs and more time cooking up, which means you’ll have more beats to send to artists for major placements!
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Seven Sounds Chill House 2022

Chill House 2022 from Seven Sounds is a collection of 74 sounds that are intended to build EDM, House music. The sample pack consists of carefully prepared samples of instruments such as Piano, Guitar, Percussion, Synth, Drums . This library was inspired by top musicians, including Martin Garrix, Calvin Harris. All sounds and samples are licensed as Royalty-Free for you to use in your commercial productions or even for DJ/Remix purposes. Spark your creativity with Chill House 2022 from Seven Sounds and give your unfinished tracks exactly what they need to come back to life. Pick the sounds you like and hold onto the other sounds for later.
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Blastwave FX Ambulances and Firetrucks

A pack dedicated to the sound of ambulances and firetrucks, including everything from sirens and horns to fire hydrants and ambulance engines.
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Alexandra Streliski Pianoscape

Alexandra is a Franco-Quebec pianist/composer who is part of the neo-classical movement. You can hear his songs in the films and series of Quebec director Jean-Marc Vallée (Dallas Buyers Club, Demolition, trailer for Big Little Lies). His debut album, Pianoscope, was praised by L'Express magazine in France and the Telegraph in England.
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Parallax Delectable Progressive

Inspired by the sound of today's most ground-breaking progressive labels, “Delectable Progressive” is a must-have collection for producers seeking to expand their sonic arsenals with crisp one-shots, complex arpeggios, and low-end basslines.
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LEX Sounds Cyberpunk Drums Vol.1

A dystopian future where robot armies march the streets, cybernetically enhanced criminals flee through dark alleyways chased by the spotlights from flying police cars, hackers wage digital war with governments and corporations, people abandon the bleak real world for the dopamine fueled virtual world. That’s where you come in… Introducing Cyberpunk Drums Vol. 1. A new sample pack full of ear-blistering sonic explosions that evoke visions of this technological utopia turned nightmare. Bombastic kick drums that rattle the floor, crazy sci-fi tech sounds, distorted electrical sounds like demons tearing through speakers, heavy complex machine grooves rich with complex ear candy.
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SkillShare The Complete Beginner's Guide to Synthesis and Sound Design for Music Production and Composition

This course is a comprehensive guide to using any synthesiser to design your own unique sounds for music production. In this course, we look in quite some detail at all the common elements of sound design using synthesisers. Whether you are brand new to synthesis, or an experienced sound designer, beatmaker or producer, this course will help you to really understand how to construct exactly the sound you are looking for for your mix.
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Digital DJ Tips James Hype's Mixing Skills

James Hype's Mixing Skills is a video course, taken completely online. Its 48 video lessons and 53 follow-along annotated demo videos are accessible via any web browser, so you can follow any time, anywhere, on phone, tablet or laptop.
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Yummy Tunes PsyTrance Evolution By Phanatic

Phanatic, is Kfir Lankry. This internationally acclaimed producer has releases spanning over a decade and has become a regular performer at some of the biggest Psytrance festivals in the world.
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