ProducerGrind PARAMNESIA One Shot Kit

ProducerGrind PARAMNESIA One Shot Kit

Do You Struggle To Achieve That True Analog, Vintage Sound In Your Compositions?

Drag-and-drop one shots, tastefully processed with warm analog effects that sit right in the mix (no expensive VSTs or effects needed)
Versatility that will expand the range of samples you can create from dark trap to lush RnB melodies
Handcrafted percussive loops to support your samples’ bounce by adding movement and flow
Create insane soundscapes with the atmospheric textures that each have their own vibe and tonality
Make your compositions stand out with lush and dark accents that compliment and accentuate your vibe

This 100% Royalty-free Premium One Shot Kit Contains:

100 One Shots [Synths, Plucks, Bells, Bass, Mallets, Pads]
10 Breathtaking Accents that Grab Listener’s Ears
10 Percussion Loops to Add Bounce to Samples
10 Helpful Textures that Provide Unique Noise Floors
Accurate Key and BPM Labels for Quick Workflow

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