EarthTone Istanbul Cumbush

'Istanbul Cumbush' by Earthone presents a collection of traditional cumbush melodies that have been professionally played by exceptional musicians to reflect its unique and characteristic sounds.
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Industrial strength Jackin Tech and House

'Jackin Tech and House' from Industrial Strength is ready to jack your next session with this supercharged sample collection, geared up and ready for your signature touch.
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Reason RE Lectric Panda Torsion

Torsion is a granular audio device. Samples are played back in small segments called grains. Many grains can play back at the same time, each with its own snapshot of parameters. This simple mechanism can create complex and psychedelic sounds including drone synthesis, stutters, glitches, reverbs, pitch smearing, time smearing, chord generation, texture clouds, sonic bursting, and many sounds that are too strange to be named.
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Reason RE Lectric Panda UTL Modifier

UTL is a Player Rack Extension for Propellerhead Reason. It allows for filtering and adjustment of note and velocity values. - Filter out based on note value range - Set all message to a specific note
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Reason RE Lectric Panda ZFO-2

ZFO-2 is a dual CV Oscillator for the Reason Rack, designed to give you an unlimited amount of creative control signals. - Dual LFOs - Large waveform displays
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Reason RE Soundiron Emotional Piano

Custom-built Rack Extension version of Soundiron's famous scoring virtual grand piano: Emotional Piano. Deep and warm, Emotional Piano is the perfect choice for emotive songwriting and brooding underscores.
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Reason RE Soundiron Granada

Soundiron's Granada 49 is a vintage 49-key analog synth from the 1970s. This early portable synthesizer was originally manufactured by Fesma, a little-known and now-defunct Italian organ maker. Rare and highly sought-after, little is known about the origins of this instrument, though the instrument's classic wooden exterior echoes the popular aesthetics of the 1970s and early 1980s, during which time the instrument is thought to be produced. We've faithfully captured this rare instrument and have programmed it into a flexible, intuitive and creatively expressive virtual instrument for Reason Rack Extension format by Propellerhead Software.
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Reason RE Impact Soundworks Super Audio Cart

The most complete set of classic video game samples ever produced. Features EIGHT legendary systems from the 70s to early 90s with unparalleled accuracy, plus easy sound design tools to filter, modulate, sequence, and arpeggiate every sound. Ideal for authentic chiptune music, EDM, hip hop, and much more!
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Reason RE Propellerhead Layers

Put the layered sound of classic keyboards in your music. Layers is a virtual collection of sought-after synthesizers from the 80s and 90s, re-imagined in a modern, creative instrument.
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Reason RE Propellerhead Layers Wave Edition

Add the legendary Waldorf Wave synthesizer to your Reason Rack. Layers Wave Edition brings you the sound of the mighty Waldorf Wave in a modern, easy to use and abuse package.
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Reason RE Propellerhead Reason Drum Kits

Welcome back Reason Drum Kits! Add lively, realistic acoustic drums to your music with Reason's most popular drum library, now re-imagined as a Rack Extension instrument. With a gorgeous new interface, the entire Hypersampled drum recording session is laid out before you, making it easier than ever to create the drum track your song needs.
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Sample Tools By Cr2 808 Trap and Drill Beats

If you’re a trap or drill producer and are looking for some fresh new sounds to work with, then this release is for you! This pack will take you on a trip to those late night studio vibes with its mix of ambient trap sounds and chilled-out drill beats. Expect to find some dusty kicks, snappy snares, crunchy hats, and fuzzy 808 samples. Furthermore, this pack includes a wide range of beautiful melodic loops to get the creativity and inspiration flowing instantly. And that's not all! This release also features warm bass loops, cool FX sounds, a fine selection of bass and synth hits, as well as six songstarter kits. These demo kits are designed to give you a detailed look at how a finished track is put together, and include all stems. Make your next studio session a guaranteed success with this stellar sample pack!
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Reason RE Lectric Panda CV Player Tap

CV Player Tap is a minimal device that converts classic CV Gate and Note control into the Player format. It also takes any incoming Player MIDI data and separates each voice into its own CV Gate and Note output for player chaining.
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Reason RE GForce Software ChamberTron RE

Inspired by the tape replay keyboard originally invented by Harry Chamberlin in the 1950s, which, via a fascinating twist of fate, gave rise to the Mellotron. ChamberTron-RE provides a highly evocative set of sounds within an easy to use and carefully crafted Rack Extension.
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Reason RE GForce Software Re-Strings

The modern, polyphonic string synthesiser was invented in 1970 by Ken Freeman, a British keyboard player and engineer who discovered that if you layered two notes then detuned and slightly modulated one a pleasant 'chorused' sound resulted. Over the next 10+ years Ken's initial discovery spawned an industry that saw the manufacture of more than one hundred 'string machines' and multi-keyboards.
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