AudioFriend Bass Guitar Grooves

100 acoustic bass guitar lines for Disco related music productions.
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RatchetGxds Cerberus By RatchetGxds

Cerberus: The Three Head Beast// This kit features 3 different styles in one box. 8 bass lines 12 melody loops 5 fx loops All made to be easily dropped into a session and build over or chopped and re-sampled. With all of the textures and colors and multi-genre vibes that the RatchetGxds are known for.
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Psychohazardous Drumkit

140 CUSTOM, experimental, gritty, glitchy and unique sounds - all created by me - 31 808's - 15 Claps
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Big Citi Loops Taiko Drums

'Taiko Drums' brings you 18 Cinematic Drum and Percussion Sounds.
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Arteria Tech Drivers

A collection of 30 Pure, undiluted Analog Drivers for your Techno Productions, pair these with your Drum Patterns, to add the groove and tension characteristic of techno productions. Produced by Arteria Pro Audio using Analog Hardware
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Five Straight Lines: A History of Music

'Fascinating … Composer Andrew Gant is a masterful guide, introducing readers to the major players and key themes of an entrancing topic.' BBC History Magazine Whether you prefer Baroque or pop, Theremins or violins, the music you love and listen to shapes your world. But what shaped the music?
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Hands On Native Instruments Maschine The Comprehensive Video Training / das umfassende Videotraining (GERMAN)

Hands On Native Instruments Maschine - the comprehensive video training. - Completely re-recorded for Maschine MK 3 and Maschine+ - Understand and master Native Instruments Maschine
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Hands On Finger Drumming Creative Music Making with Pad Controllers (GERMAN)

Hands On Finger Drumming - Creative Music Making with Pad Controllers - Video training for PC, Mac and tablet - Basic knowledge conveyed in an understandable way
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Freaky Loops Nerve Tech DnB

'Nerve: Tech DnB' from Freaky Loops is a solid collection of dark, complex and gritty sounds with DnB influences, bringing you a rare collection of instantly usable loops and samples that will blend perfectly with your productions.
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'MPS Beatswag' by Apollo Sound brings real Hip Hop back. After a decade of Trap and Electro-Hop's expansion of the world stage we're hearing dirty fat broken beats again in new tracks of Hip Hop grandmasters.
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Industrial Strength Modern Techno Elements

We are back with another Heavy hitting Techno collection for modern producers looking for sonics to push remixes or productions to the max. Modern Techno Elements was produced by the ISR sound design team that brought you Industrial Techno. This incredible 24 Bit 100% License Free attack on Techno is ready to be locked and loaded into your next track and will work in any Daw.
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Sample Tools by Cr2 Bass Music Elements

Do you want to inject 549MB of Bass Music audio, MIDI, presets, tutorial videos and production tips and tricks to your studio?If so, look no further.. Sample Tools by Cr2 are very very proud to present our brand new production toolkit – Bass Music Elements!
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Reason RE Propellerhead Parsec 2

Spectral Synthesizer- An additive synth for the Reason Rack - Futuristic sounds for a wide range of styles - Amazing sound bank from leading developers
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Ricky Remedy The Remedy Kit Volume 3

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Cymatics Mystery Black Friday Edition

The Mystery Sample Pack is full of brand new samples including melodies, drum loops, guitars, vocal chop loops, and more.
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