SkillShare How to Mix Music a Comprehensive Step by Step guide with Studio One

A Solid Foundation An organized foundation and pristine Signal Flow is key to having a session that will allow you to move quickly through the stages of music mixing, as well as allowing you to make changes without compromising the mix in unintended ways.
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Sonnemm Dembow Angels Vol. II

Following the successful release of Dembow Angels Vol I, this sample pack contains a exclusive collection of refreshed synths, flutes and percussion patterns. Every single sample has been handcrafted in order to deliver you the spark of latin inspiration you were looking for.
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Trip Digital Black Friday Budget Loops

Happy 2019! The holidays are over, presents are opened, and a lot of money has been spent. Perfect timing for DJ Journey “Black Friday Budget Loops.” This sound pack gives you all that you need to make a cheap, Grammy Award-winning beat. So, get to work and have fun! Creativity sold separately.
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SQNCD Sounds Techno Perc Loops 02

SQNCD Sounds continues with "Techno Perc Loops" which is the percussive ingredient you might miss in your tracks - from rough to groovy you can find everything inside this pack. Simply add them on top of your beats and process them with further effects!
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Freak Music Chillout Kit

Freak Music is proud to present the "Chillout Kit" - collection of drums, melodies, percussion and FXes for your next chilling production. You will be able to use them in your chillout, chillstep, ambient and RnB productions without any efforts - just drag & drop and feel the power of this set of sounds. This will give you a plethora of sounds to use to inject that extra performance touch onto your new production.
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AngelicVibes Skywalker

Skywalker is a collection of trendy sounds for the powerful plugin Omnisphere. If you want a library of new sounds to set the vibe of your tracks, Skywalker is all you need.
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Touch Loops Lo-Fi Nostalgia

'Lo-Fi Nostalgia' by Touch Loops digs deep into the ethereal world of ambience, beats and processed Foley. Featuring iconic processed guitar lines and VHS-tinged aesthetic, this Lo-Fi loops pack will enhance any producers sample collection, irrelevant of genre.
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Touch Loops Reel To Reel Grooves

Iconic Live Hip-Hop Drum Samples Introducing Reel To Reel Grooves. Timeless, iconic and oozing with grit, each one of these incredible live hip-hop drum samples are packed with the true essence that makes up an inspiring drum break. From the saturated tape tones to the rolling ghost notes and shuffles, each loop is brimming with character and will fit perfectly against any Hip-Hop, Lo-Fi or Soul track it touches. Let's find out more..
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Waxie Music Library Vol.2 (Compositions and Stems)

Waxie Music Library - Vol. 2 is the latest sample pack from producer Waxie. This pack contains 10 original compositions with raw, and grimey melodies that contain haunting, and eerie vibes that are inspired by Griselda and 60/70s soundtracks. Perfect for Boom Bap, Grimey Hip Hop, and more.
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Exotic Refreshment Indian Percussions World Series

Exotic Refreshment are proud to present “Indian Percussions – Exotic Samples 043”, next sample pack of our World Series. Sample pack includes 115 Indian Percussion Loops that you can use to produce a variety of music genres like house, afro house, deep house, downtempo, electronica, minimal, deep tech, tech house, techno, you name it!
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Zenhiser Helix Techno One Shots

In everyday musical life you need to tool up, your studio should be bursting with samples so you can get creative quickly and easily. With that in mind we created a Techno Tool Kit that covered all your one shot sample needs.
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AlexB SoundTec 432 Golden Edition Nebula 4 Library

SoundTec 432 Vintage Parametric Disk Master eQ It has been an honor for me to work on this Vintage Parametric Disk Master eQualizer, a wonderful and classic creation by Mr.Burgess Macneal. I have totally refurbished the unit, restoring it to it's original and beautiful sound, along with two mods done at request by the owner to make it more suitable for Mastering. The original Gain step has been changed from +/-12dB to +/-6dB and an additional High Shelf Filter at the Air Frequency of 16kHz has been added. Now this Holy Grail of equalizers fully expresses sweetness and musicality. It's not colored or necessarily “warm”, but it is subtle, focused, detailed, fast, immediate and extremely natural. The more you listen it, you begin to notice a little something “special” imparted across the audio signal... Simply Beautiful.
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AlexB Modern Flagship Console Golden Edition Nebula 4 Library

The Flagship Console The Modern Flagship Console has set new standards as the ultimate analogue console and has become the signature of excellence for the world's premier engineers.Producers and studios. Professionals throughout the world have chosen the full, clean sound of the Modern Flagship Console. Its high bandwidth pure audio path, superior dynamics, greater dynamic range and greater control make the Modern Flagship Console the first choice for recording and mixing the purest high fidelity recordings.
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Digit Music Classic Hip Hop Horns

If you're missing that classic Hip Hop horns section played by world-class musicians then you have come to the right place. The horns players over at Digit Music have blessed tracks for Shy FX. Craig David, Celeste, Digital Farm Animals, and the list goes on.
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Digit Music Neon Dreams Synthwave

We have our fingers firmly on the pulse with this pack as Synthwave is currently one of the most popular genres. If you are looking to make your productions the coolest around then this pack is most certainly for you.
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