SkillShare How to Mix Music a Comprehensive Step by Step guide with Studio One

SkillShare How to Mix Music a Comprehensive Step by Step guide with Studio One

A Solid Foundation
An organized foundation and pristine Signal Flow is key to having a session that will allow you to move quickly through the stages of music mixing, as well as allowing you to make changes without compromising the mix in unintended ways.

This class aims to provide you with solid multitrack mixing strategies, techniques and a simplified philosophy to mixing, that will allow you to tackle mixing projects regardless of complexity and number of tracks.

Clean Organization and Signal Flow

Beginner To Advanced
This class has been designed as a roadmap that dissects every stage of music mixing, from the very technical to the very creative and subjective aspects of mixing. All in a package that is very easy to follow and to the point.*

Beginners may find a step-by-step guide to mixing while more advanced users may strengthen their existing skills, or find better and more efficient practices and techniques for a more professional workflow.

*This class's content is aimed for all levels, however, an understanding of your DAWs basic functions is recommended.

The Software
This class was filmed using Studio One, however most of these concepts can be replicated within most Digital Audio Workstations.

Class Objective
You'll learn all of the following concepts:

Session Setup
Workflow and efficiency
Track Organization
Signal Flow
Creation of Busses and FX sends.
Quick Rough Mix

Song Balancing

Mixing - Compression And Equalization -
Mixing from the Mix Bus - Down
Sub Bus Processing

Mixing specifics
Vocal Equalization and Compression
Unmasking Backing Vocal Conflict

Creating Song Interest
FX Sends/Returns
Adding Sonic Personality to guitars, Vox, Synths.

Automating Levels
Dynamic Interest with plugin Parameter specific Automation
Exporting Track

Automating FX Returns

Final Result
By the end of this class you should have a clear picture, a structure and a better understanding of the tools and techniques that exist in the DAW to tackle your own music mixing projects.

Simple Eq Yields more natural Results.

Class Project

Make use of the provided multitrack files to recreate the stages of mixing disclosed in the class.

Create and Setup a Session
Perform a Mix Balance.
Mix the Track
Export Final Result.

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