Emergence Audio Quantum Bird Whistle

SOUNDSCAPES FROM THE ETHER. Quantum Bird Whistle is a never before sampled instrument morphed into the quantum realm that creates ever-evolving pads, textures, soundscapes, drones, and pulses within just a few notes. An inspiring part of our intuitive Quantum Engine. Bring Quantum Bird Whistle into play anywhere, from adding a unique touch to an existing score or track to being the center of your next masterpiece.
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Ueberschall Jazz Works 3

Jazz Works Vol. 3 Jazz Works Vol. 3 provides a collection of top-class jazz tunes ready to be arranged into your own unique compositions. This third volume of the series focuses on more laid-back and late-night moods but spans a range of smooth jazz styles including Swing, Latin Jazz and Jazz Ballads. The content here could also easily cross-over into Pop, Lounge, Hip-Hop or LoFi productions. The Jazz Works Series includes acoustic and electric pianos, Jazz drums, upright bass, baritone and tenor saxophone, flute, flugelhorn, trumpet and extended Jazz guitar solos. Smooth, after midnight, musical mood direct from the coolest Jazz Club you can imagine.
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Plughugger TAL Bassline 101 House 101

House 101 is a soundset aiming to be an all-in-one-solution for all kinds of sounds you might need for dance music production, using only one synthesizer: the TAL Bassline 101.
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Native Instruments Melted Vibes

HYPED-UP HOOKSCreate instant earworms with warped keys, detuned plucks, and wonky synths 150 tweakable presets, for extra wavy pop, trap, and R&B melodics
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Ueberschall Dub Reggae

Dub Reggae Dub Reggae - that's 2.6 GB of real Kingston vibes. 10 comprehensive construction kits with true Roots Reggae grooves build the foundation for authentic tracks. Up to four parts per kit ensure flexibility and fast variations during arrangement. Build your intro, verse and breaks in no time at all with tempos for the kits ranging from relaxed 60BPM to danceable 110BPM.
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Triune Digital VHS CD TAPE SFX

With old video and audio equipment getting harder and harder to find these days, skip the search and grab the Triune Digital VHS/CD/Tape SFX pack. VHS/CD/TAPE SFX INCLUDES:
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Sean Divine Mastering Chains SR

Divine Mastering Chains SR is an exclusive collection of intuitive new mastering presets, powered by the redesigned Waves StudioRack* plugin chainer. These carefully designed chains provide a powerful all-in-one solution to master your songs quickly and easily in the DAW of your choice – no expensive hardware required. Mastering Chains SR makes the mastering process simple and fun while delivering the next-level, finalized sound your music needs to compete.
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The Rucker Collective 053: Sunrise (Compositions)

100% Original. Nothing Recycled. The Rucker Collective is a sound design/production company formed with the intention of delivering original sounds for producers to sample that are hassle-free on the clearance side & to fill the void for fans of library music. The fifty-third volume "Sunrise" consists of 13 samples composed by one of the newest members to the squad by way of France, Lil Chick.
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The Loophole Louis Flynn ASTRAL Analog Lab V Preset Bank

70 Analog Lab V Presets 35x Keys 10x Pads
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Ave McRee LOFI Murphy Drums

Over 40 one shots Murphy drums are wide range of sloppy but smooth drums ready from your lofi beats! Created from real jazz drums . Recorded with the Roland SP404SX, cooking in 12bit, converted to 16bit, and chopped to perfection. NO RECYCLED SOUNDS and no nomalizing! Inspired by J.Dilla, Flying Lotus, and B!nk. Mixed and mastered at Stankonia Studios in Atlanta, Georgia.
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Overloud TH-U Premium

TH-U is the world's largest collection of models in a single software, boasting over 239 models of amps, cabinets, FX, and mics including officially authorized models of highly-prized manufacturers. The culmination of breakthrough DSP technology allows users to swap pre-amp tubes, power amp tubes, and even change the variac of the included amps. In addition, the included Rig Player captures the authentic personalities of real rig setups and reproduces their tones with unbelievable accuracy. With its ingeniously simple user interface, speed-of-light preset preview, true amp-morphing and other revolutionary features, TH-U is way ahead of the guitar amp-simulation curve. But if you think working with TH-U is a blast, you'll be absolutely floored by how good it sounds.
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Soundbox Jackin House and Tech 2

'Jackin House & Tech 2' delivers killer 4/4 loops and samples. It's all about the Jackin' side of House with this whopping 510 MB of next-level sounds for your next production.
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RV Samplepacks Tranquillity: Chill Trap

'Tranquillity: Chill Trap' is an Electronic homage to the Toronto based label OVO Sound, at the cutting edge of music right now. Everything included is 100% Royalty-Free and is primed, polished and punchy for your Urban productions, inspired by the industry heavyweights.
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