Plughugger TAL Bassline 101 House 101

Plughugger TAL Bassline 101 House 101

House 101 is a soundset aiming to be an all-in-one-solution for all kinds of sounds you might need for dance music production, using only one synthesizer: the TAL Bassline 101.

House 101 contains everything you need from drums to synths, pads and sequences.

While the TAL Bassline 101 is based on the classic Roland SH101 synthesizer, there are a few important improvements that make the Bassline 101 an outstanding synthesizer. Firstly, it can be polyphonic - so you can do pads and advanced lead chords melodies. Secondly, it has a built in sequencer / arpeggiator - making it easy to create 303:esque vibe basslines.

House 101 was inspired by One Synth Challenge at KVR Audio, and contains all sounds you need to create house music. From fatty bass sounds and plucky leads, to modulated pads and a large number of drum sounds such as punchy kicks, noisy snares and hihats, and of course a large number of sequences including acid house-inspired basslines.

The cool things about using only one synth for a whole production is that it will create a coherent tight sound. Just add a few effects like reverb, delay, a good phaser and maybe a distortion - and you have everything you need for making dance tracks with a minimum of effort.

House 101 contains a total of 229 new sounds in the following categories:

- 45 Bass sounds
- 57 Drums (kicks, claps, hihats, crashes and percussion)
- 17 Effects
- 30 Lead sounds
- 35 Pads & Synth strings
- 45 Sequences

Name: House 101.
Requirements: TAL Bassline 101.
Number of sounds: 229.
Format: TAL Bassline 101-format.

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