Splice Sounds KARRA for Serum Vol.2

Take a trip to another galaxy far, far away with @iamkarramusic's latest Serum preset pack Take a trip to another galaxy far, far away with KARRA's latest Serum pack. Exploding with expansive, wobbly qualities, get ready to blast off with spacey arps, fantastical FX, galactic bass, epic leads, phases, pads, and more. These Serum presets are sure to spark your next pop or electronic production.
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Fracture Sounds Granulate 2

Granulate is a powerful granular manipulation engine for transforming any audio file into a range of pads, drones, textures and rhythmic sounds. XY Morph Pad Use the XY pad to morph between up to four granulated sound sources. Each sound is loaded into a separate engine slot, with its own individual manipulation parameters.
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TrakTrain Neon Palm Lo-Fi Sample Pack

Traktrain is happy to present the "Neon Palm" Lo-Fi Sample Pack with 313 high-quality samples created by an affiliated producer. It contains one-shots and loops of various instruments, including Bass, Drum, Synths, and Vocal, as well as Atmos and effects samples. This kit is perfect for creating Futuristic beats. In addition, its contents will sound great in such genres as Future Trap, Dark Trap, and Boombap as well.
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RARE Percussion Percussion Science Volume 2

Percussion Science brings some new, never before sampled percussion instruments curated for today's music maker. These sounds can work in any style and are acoustically special as they have only recently been invented, mixed in with traditional percussion instruments. All recorded, performed, and designed for modern music and beats.
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Diaspora Paradise Calypso

Calypso is one of the longest-standing genres in the Caribbean. Its festive sound originating in Trinidad and Tobago was made famous by The Mighty Sparrow, whose recordings featured instruments ranging from drums and percussion to horns and synths. The genre is most notably a precursor to soca, and an influencer of many other genres in the Caribbean like kompa, cadence, ska, and reggae. Paradise features 15 melodic loops and 15 drum loops of authentic calypso played by musicians Matthew Smythe and Bendji Allonce, mixed by Andrew Miller. We feature vintage synthesizers to mimic the Mighty Sparrow sound of the '80s, and real horns to bring each loop to life. There's also a gang of drum and melodic one-shots to supplement the loops. Take a trip to paradise!
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Parallax Shadows Dark Melodic Progressive

Bold, moody, and brooding melodics fuse with deep percussion to form Dark Melodic Progressive - a sample pack that values subtlety over grandeur. An ideal collection for producers seeking to expand their dancefloor after hour sonic arsenals.
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Sonixinema World Of Tape

Dark, Nostalgic, One of a Kind World Of Tape is the first instalment in our new Artists range of instruments, available as both a Kontakt Instrument and Sample Pack. Featuring unique and contemporary Tape Loops and Textures textures created by New York based experimental music designer, Emiliano Melis, It features a host of Dark, Nostalgic and Cinematic samples which are perfect for modern film scores and music productions.
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WavSupply Cxdy Go To 2021 (Drum Kit)

Custom made drum kit created by Cxdy of Internet Money. Contains:
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Canary Julz ONYX V2 (MIDI Collection)

What's up Producers, Nothing but great feedback on the first release, "The ONYX Collection".
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Udemy The Essential Beginners Guitar Riffs Course

Looking to learn the most famous guitar riffs in history? then look no further! This course has been designed with the beginner in mind. It guides you note by note, so that you know what to do and when to do it.
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The Bloomsbury Handbook of Sonic Methodologies

The field of Sound Studies has changed and developed dramatically over the last two decades involving a vast and dizzying array of work produced by those working in the arts, social sciences and sciences. The study of sound is inherently interdisciplinary and is undertaken both by those who specialize in sound and by others who wish to include sound as an intrinsic and indispensable element in their research. This is the first resource to provide a wide ranging, cross-cultural and interdisciplinary investigation and analysis of the ways in which researchers use a broad range of methodologies in order to pursue their sonic investigations. It brings together 49 specially commissioned chapters that ask a wide range of questions including; how can sound be used in current academic disciplines? Is sound as a methodological tool indispensable for Sound Studies and what can sound artists contribute to the discourse on methodology in Sound Studies? The editors also present 3 original chapters that work as provocative 'sonic methodological interventions' prefacing the 3 sections of the book.
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Udemy Adobe Audition Sound post-production for Film and Documentary

No more amateur sound!Professional Sound post production for your film, documentary, interview, clip... It's not enough to remove some noise and tweak the volume of music to match dialogue to call it Sound Post-production.
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Udemy Analog Audio Tape Recorder Basic Theory and Alignment

Become part of the analog audio resurgence! Learn how these machines work with step- by-step alignment instructions. Analog recording is making a resurgence in the music business thanks to the warmth and clarity of analog recordings in comparison to digital recordings. This tutorial and other stuff by Udemy you can download from www.audiolove.me. Join and enjoy! Starting with basic magnetic theory – which is key to understanding concepts like dynamic range and signal-to-noise ratio – this course will use clear animations to simplify complex technical concepts including test tapes, bias, azimuth, and audio tape recorder modes and controls.
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ZTEKNO Driving Techno (Wav Loops ONLY)

ZTEKNO presents: DRIVING TECHNO! Today we invite you to find yourself in the midst of the unreal drive and power of Techno music. Driving Techno and other stuff by ZTEKNO you can download from www.audiolove.me. Join and enjoy! A special release for all those who follow the current trends in the direction of Techno and Underground music (lol) in general, as well as for those who dream of getting closer to this quality of sound. We can describe this product for a long time, telling and describing each individual sample, but we will say little, but succinctly: do you want quality? Act here and now!
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