Udemy Analog Audio Tape Recorder Basic Theory and Alignment

Udemy Analog Audio Tape Recorder Basic Theory and Alignment

Become part of the analog audio resurgence! Learn how these machines work with step- by-step alignment instructions.

Analog recording is making a resurgence in the music business thanks to the warmth and clarity of analog recordings in comparison to digital recordings. This tutorial and other stuff by Udemy you can download from www.audiolove.me. Join and enjoy! Starting with basic magnetic theory – which is key to understanding concepts like dynamic range and signal-to-noise ratio – this course will use clear animations to simplify complex technical concepts including test tapes, bias, azimuth, and audio tape recorder modes and controls.

The course includes step-by-step tape machine alignment instructions that can be applied to many brands and kinds of machines.


1. Introduction.mp4
2. Basic Magnetic Theory.mp4
3. Test Tapes.mp4
4. Machine Controls and Operation.mp4
5. Alignment Overview.mp4
6. Head Adjustments.mp4
7. Machine Cleaning and Demagetization.mp4
8. Input Output Calibration.mp4
9. Reproduce Alignment.mp4
10. Record Alignment and Bias.mp4
11. Sync Playback Alignment.mp4
12. Analog Alignment Course Review.mp4
13. Using An Analog 2 Trk In Session.mp4
14. Analog Tape VS Digital A Different Approach To Engineering And Production..mp4

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