Groove3 u-he Repro Making a Track from Scratch

Synth wiz Michael Morrise brings you in-depth sound design u-he Repro video tutorials! See and hear how to program great sounding patches from scratch using the amazing u-he Repro virtual synthesizer, which faithfully recreates the sounds of the legendary Sequential Circuits Pro 1 and Prophet 5 analog synthesizers. These videos are designed for those who already know how to use u-he Repro, but want to see interesting ways to program patches from scratch. As a bonus, you also get the finished Repro patches and the Logic Pro session used in the videos to further experiment with.
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Groove3 iZotope RX 8 Tips and Tricks

Studio pro Patrick Coffin delivers in-depth tip and trick iZotope RX 8 video tutorials! If you want to go further with iZotope RX 8 and discover new workflows and creative uses for RX, these videos are the ones to watch. Also, to help make following along easier and more effective, you also get the audio files used in the videos so you can practice what you're learning as you watch. These videos are for those who have some basic iZotope RX 8 knowledge and want to learn more. If you're completely new to RX 8, we recommend viewing iZotope RX 8 Explained® first.
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ProducerTools Modular Megapack Vol.1

“Modular Pack”. It has been recorded exclusively using Eurorack modular with a totally analogue single path, in order to help you create syncopated rhythms with an harder and darker edge.
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Prime Loops SNAPSHOTS Cinematic Hip Hop

'SNAPSHOTS: Cinematic Hip Hop' by Prime Loops features 490MB+ of mesmerising instrumental loops, evolving string sections, orchestral-inspired drums, Foley-infused atmospheres, soundscapes & more!
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TrakTrain Open Mind Lo Fi Sample Pack

Traktrain is happy to present the "Open Mind" Lo-Fi Sample Pack with 305 high-quality samples created by an affiliated producer. It contains one-shots and loops of different instruments including drums, bass, synths, as well as vocal, effects, and foley samples. The author envisioned this kit to be used in a Lo-Fi context, however, it will serve its purpose within such genres as R'n'B and Soul Trap as well.
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Jammcard Samples MonoNeon Bass Loops and One-Shots

MonoNeon: Bass Loops & One-Shots is an expansive collection of funk-filled, off-the-wall bass licks, leads, riffs, and grooves crafted and curated by musical (and internet) sensation, MonoNeon. With hundreds of loops and one-shots, each sound was meticulously recorded, mixed, and designed, offering a treasure trove of low-slung samples catered for funk, hip-hop, electronica, and beyond for quality bump n’ thump with the MonoNeon seal of approval.
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RARE Percussion Percussion Hands Vol.1

RARE percussion brings you "Percussion Hands". Coming from a grammy award winning percussionist Chris Berry and a veteran producer designing and assembling these raw sounds. Featured in this are drums and instruments from Cuba, Brazil, Ghana, Jamaica, Peru, Mali, Senegal, and more.
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Gio Israel Sacred Instruments Handpan Vol.1

The Splice Sacred Instruments by Gio Israel is the new culmination of recordings made in special locations around the world. Capturing unique and rare sounds, while focusing on ritualistic instruments, some of which have been used for centuries to gather people and elevate the human spirit.
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Dropgun Samples Golden Hybrid Trap

It's time to open a new page in the history of the trap industry! We are glad to present to you something that we have been working on for a very long time and that will really surprise you ñ the Golden Hybrid Trap sample pack!
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PIV Samples 001 DJOKO

PIV SAMPLES 001 contains blistering pads, ethereal atmospheres, and hypnotic grooves. The audio was recorded through high quality hardware to preserve the analogue sound. Files are organized by type, key & bpm labelled.
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Distilled Noise Minimal and Micro House Sample Pack Vol.1

Deep, hypnotic and esoteric sounds built for a minimalist house music. Minimal and Micro House sample pack by Distilled Noise consists of elegantly broken, spaced outbreaks and beats, featuring dreamy pads, authenticity, and character will add an entirely new magnitude to your latest production.
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V Don Lost Gemz Drum Kit

The Drum Broker is teaming up with long standing team member & producer V Don to release V Don's next neck snapper, 'Lost Gemz' 'Lost Gemz' Drum Kit features the drums from his recently released instrumental series 'Lost Gemz'
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GetGood Drums Smash and Grab

Compression is an extremely important element to all areas of a modern mix, but none more so than drums. Too little, and your drums will lack attack and weight. Too much, and your drums will sound small and lackluster. Being how passionate we are about drums we wanted to find a solution to help beginners and professionals alike improve their work flow, and get great results every time. We present to you, Smash and Grab.
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Nembrini Audio NA Quinta

The Quinta Pitch Machine plugin is more than your standard octave in that it not only gives you notes an octave up and an octave down, but also gives you a fifth up. Each of the three intervals is dialled in proportion with its own knob, and you get a mix knob to blend dry and pitch-shifted sound, this runs from totally dry to totally pitch-shifted.
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