Groove3 u-he Repro Making a Track from Scratch

Groove3 u-he Repro Making a Track from Scratch

Synth wiz Michael Morrise brings you in-depth sound design u-he Repro video tutorials! See and hear how to program great sounding patches from scratch using the amazing u-he Repro virtual synthesizer, which faithfully recreates the sounds of the legendary Sequential Circuits Pro 1 and Prophet 5 analog synthesizers. These videos are designed for those who already know how to use u-he Repro, but want to see interesting ways to program patches from scratch. As a bonus, you also get the finished Repro patches and the Logic Pro session used in the videos to further experiment with.

To begin, Michael welcomes you and gives a brief overview of the Repro synths followed by a lesson on how to craft drum sounds from an initialized Repro 5 patch. He then designs a thick bass sound from scratch right before your very eyes and ears, and then a great brassy lead synth patch with Repro 1.

Throughout the rest of the videos Michael shows you step by step how to make killer strings, keys, and sound effects with Repro, plus how to use the powerful step sequencer found in Repro-1 to create evocative phrases that you can trigger with just one finger. To complete the video series, Michael gives 2 production tutorials showing how to program your new sounds into a way-cool retro synthpop type track.

To see what these detailed u-he Repro tutorials show you, and how they'll give you the skills to program your own sounds from scratch, see the individual u-he Repro video tutorial descriptions on this page. Experience why the Sequential Circuits synths are still relevant today, and put that trademark sound in your tracks with this great virtual recreation by u-he... Watch “u-he Repro: Making a Track from Scratch” today!

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