Production Music Live Future Bass and Remix

In this course you will learn how to produce hard hitting Future Bass track & learn how to make Remixes! Your tutor Nervz gives you an exclusive look into his production process, shares his tips, tricks and project files and guides you from your first kick to a mastered Future Bass track as if you were sitting side by side in the studio.
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Production Music Live Ultimate Future Bass Sample Pack

Sample Selection is the key for amazing tracks. That's why we present to you our Ultimate Future Bass pack. In development for over a year, hand crafted & collected only out of the best samples from our own libraries.
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Native Instruments Expansion Liquid Energy

RAVE NEW WORLD LIQUID ENERGY adds a fresh twist to one of dance music's most influential genres, bringing you authentic acid energy that will burrow deep inside your mind, body, and soul. Delve through hundreds of samples from legendary analog gear, as well as classic-sounding presets for MASSIVE and MONARK. Infusing addictive grooves with freakish bass lines, LIQUID ENERGY gives you sounds that are ready to rip right out of your speakers, from deeply hypnotic sonic explorations to raw and raucous dancefloor tools.
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STRANJAH Gnarly Volume 1

Over the last year STRANJAH has made a mark on the Drum and Bass music scene through his YouTube music production videos often paired with quirky intros, which has quickly catapulted his brand. From providing classes to DJ Tech Tools, partnerships with ADSR, DistroKid, Skillshare, Loopmasters and Plugin Boutique, Stranjah has cemented his name in an often competitive landscape.
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TTC Music Theory: The Foundation of Great Music

Music has a phenomenal power to move, transport, and delight us. Across numerous styles and forms—from the iconic masterpieces of the classical tradition to genres such as jazz, rock, pop, and folk—great music expresses the inexpressible, speaks across time and cultures, and galvanizes audiences across the world. And the more we understand about music, the more we appreciate it, and a knowledge of music theory is the best place to start.
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Splice Originals Boom Bap Horn Stacks

LA-based trumpet player and composer, Jonathan Manness delivers horn stacks for any banging track. This Originals pack focuses on the horns you’d hear in ‘90s hip hop classics by DJ Premier, Pete Rock, and Gang Starr. Jonathan layered on trumpet, tenor sax, trombone, and flugelhorn to craft boom bap harmonies and one-shots dripping with nostalgia. If you’re looking to inject your track with an uplifting bounce, look no further.
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789TEN Seth Hills V.2 The Drop

After hundreds if not thousands of requests from you guys we got back in the studio with Seth Hills. Now sitting among the visionaries in House music, Seth has impacted the industry in more ways than one. His first producer pack became a cornerstone of the 789ten platform, helping to define the quality and exclusivity that we are known for worldwide today.
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Deedotwill 2021 Drum Kit

This is Deedotwill's top secret drum kit that he has been using for the past 2 years, which contains secret Deedotwill sounds from over the years built up after time. This kit is used for every genre (from pop to trap) and it is being released for the first time to the world! All sounds are relevant to today's music and for the future. All sounds designed by Deedotwill.
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VOX Lush Vocals and Keys by Marie Dahlstrøm

This collection of heartwarming samples from the London-based songstress Marie Dahlstrøm are designed to reach producers, not only in R&B, but creators experimenting in many styles and genres. Marie wanted to create a versatile sample pack of clean, as well as processed vocal and instrumental ideas, including a variety of riffs, runs, beautifully stacked harmonies, short phrases & vocal hooks for producers to explore their creativity freely.
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That Sound Child's Play, Vol.2 Wavy Island

This pack is the second of three volumes of the 'Childs Play' series presented by That Sound, all featuring drum beats recorded on children's and beginner kits. Wavey Islands wants to teleport you to warmer weather and more uplifting environments. Pulling influences from dancehall and other Caribbean dance music styles, this pack straddles between lo-fi beats and bigger, more dynamic kits, finding a special sweet spot to accompany smaller verses.
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Komorebi Audio Modern Trap Vocals and Rap Acapellas Vol.2

After the huge success of our first vocal sample pack it only made sense to follow up with the sequel. Modern Trap Vocals & Rap Acapellas Vol 2 treads the same ground as the original but the sounds provided in Vol 2 are in a class of their own.
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Soundsmiths Tokyo Nights Kawaii Future Bass

Tokyo Nights is a brand new super cute blend of electro infused J-pop, drawing inspiration from the neon glow of the afterdark Tokyo future bass scene. Each sound was handcrafted by Soundsmiths award winning lead sound designer CliffHanga. This kit features some serious inspiration including grooving drums, chiptune synths, pulsing bass lines, lofi pads and super Kawaii vocal loops and one shots all ready to be dragged straight into your chosen DAW or sampler.
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Monte Booker Sounds

all my favorite sounds in one place.
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