Soundsmiths Tokyo Nights Kawaii Future Bass

Soundsmiths Tokyo Nights Kawaii Future Bass

Tokyo Nights is a brand new super cute blend of electro infused J-pop, drawing inspiration from the neon glow of the afterdark Tokyo future bass scene. Each sound was handcrafted by Soundsmiths award winning lead sound designer CliffHanga. This kit features some serious inspiration including grooving drums, chiptune synths, pulsing bass lines, lofi pads and super Kawaii vocal loops and one shots all ready to be dragged straight into your chosen DAW or sampler.

Undoubtedly the super Kawaii vocal’s in this kit are what makes this pack unique. Authentically Recorded in Japan, we teamed up with the amazing Japanese singer songwriter Manami Ochiai who laid down some of the catchiest melodic lines and phrases we’ve ever had the pleasure of recording.

The sounds themselves are suitable for a whole array of genres including, synthwave, lofi hip hop, Lofi pop, future garage, future house and many more. Your imagination is your only limit! If you are looking to add some cuteness to your libraries then look no further!

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