Kagamine Rin and Len Append

Kagamine Rin & Len Append (鏡 音 リ ン ・ レ ン ・ ア ペ ン ド) was released on December 27, 2010 for VOCALOID2.
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WA Production Making Neuro Bass In Ableton

Making a Neuro Bass sound is one of the hardest things to master. Ever feel that despite the millions of ways to go about it, none of them seem to work for you? In this course Dan Larsson opens the doors and sheds some light on this mysterious topic.
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WA Production Spanish Vocal Trap Beat Gothrough

In this course we are deconstructing a trap track with Spanish vocals, made in Ableton Live 10. The track is made up of programmed, and sample-based loops for the drums, an 808 bass, a few harmonic elements and the vocals. We are taking a look into the arrangement, effects and techniques used in this project.
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Karanyi Sounds Continuo 2 Anr1 Modz Version

Your Cinematic Piano texture Continuo 2 is the complex-sounding cinematic piano texture Kontakt instrument for creating massive modulations, ethernal soundscapes, hybrid keyboard themes.
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Zero-G ProSamples Vol.22 Hip Hop NY Cutz Volume 1

ProSamples Vol 22: Hip Hop, features a selection of material taken from the Key Buy Award winning 'NY Cutz Volume 1' sample library and features Construction Kits, drum, bass, keyboards, guitars and scratch loops.
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DopeBoyzMuzic Pezzi Drumbreaks Vol.1

Pezzi Drumbreaks Vol.1 is a collection of 53 high quality drumbreaks, played and recorded by Tillmann Schürfeld using only high quality drums and mics to give you the fat breaks you deserve.
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Diaspora Requinto Bachata

Now one of the most popular forms of Latin music and dance, Bachata (which originated in the Dominican Republic in the 20th century) did not always have the renowned reputation it currently boasts. As recently as the 1970s, Bachata music was associated with crime and poverty. With a significant change in timbre and instrumentation in the 1980s, Bachata’s popularity skyrocketed. Its romantic guitars and signature percussion featuring the guira make Bachata an instantly recognizable, and universally loved genre.
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Truefire Chris Buono Sight Reading For Guitar Players Level 1

YES! You can learn to read music on the guitar! Guitar players, more so than any other instrumentalist, do not read music because it's so easy to get up and running without doing so (that's largely why the guitar is the most popular instrument in the world!). Yet, we've never met a single guitar player who wouldn't want to learn how to pick up a songbook, a lead sheet, or a piece of sheet music and 'read' through it. Imagine the door that would open for you as a musician!
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