Truefire Chris Buono Sight Reading For Guitar Players Level 1

Truefire Chris Buono Sight Reading For Guitar Players Level 1

YES! You can learn to read music on the guitar! Guitar players, more so than any other instrumentalist, do not read music because it's so easy to get up and running without doing so (that's largely why the guitar is the most popular instrument in the world!). Yet, we've never met a single guitar player who wouldn't want to learn how to pick up a songbook, a lead sheet, or a piece of sheet music and 'read' through it. Imagine the door that would open for you as a musician!

If you've tried to learn in the past but wound up frustrated by traditional, academic methods, we don't blame you. Chris Buono's Level 1 edition of Sight-Reading for Guitar Players is an alternative, street-smart method designed for players just like you. In fact, Chris is the author of the best selling book, The Guitarist's Guide to Music Reading, which has 5-star reviews across the board from thousands of guitar players now putting their reading skills to work thanks to Chris' innovative learning system.

”Learning to sight-read is a rite of passage for ALL musicians - it's one of the most rewarding skills you can develop as a guitar player. And to become a GREAT sight-reader, you have to learn to play the music and NOT the paper… Sight Reading for Guitar Players is designed to inspire you from the ground up. In this first level, we'll read through a series of 15 lesson sets with over 30 sight-reading practice sessions. Stick with my approach and I'll guarantee you'll be reading music on guitar right from the very start!”

Each lesson set starts with a “pre-read” where visual animations highlight key components in the sheet music before we dig into a pair of practice sessions. You'll then sight read a chart along with a simple acoustic accompaniment. Completing each set is a session where we read down a second chart with a full-blown band track. Chris will take you through the basics of sight-reading and quickly get you reading blues, rock and funk melodies. ALL of the practice sessions are played over jam tracks - never a metronome.

Chris kicks off the course with a quick primer on the basics of music notation and then you'll dig into the first section where you'll learn to read B, C & D and the Big 3 of rhythmic values: whole notes, half notes, and quarter notes.

In the second section you'll add E, F & G to your reading skills along with whole, half and quarter note rests. The third section completes an octave with two more notes - G & A - while you learn how to read dots, ties & repeat signs.

The fourth and final section puts your newfound sight reading skills to work with three extended style-specific charts consisting of a 12-bar blues, 32-bars of pure rock 'n roll, and finally 32 bars of funk.

Throughout the entire curriculum, Chris will pass on key tips and insight to help you become a proficient sight-reader. Each of the practice sessions come with sheet music and you'll have the jam tracks to work with on your own. You can loop or slow down the videos to work with the lessons at your own pace.

Grab your guitar, and let's read some music with Chris Buono!

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