WA Production Spanish Vocal Trap Beat Gothrough

WA Production Spanish Vocal Trap Beat Gothrough

In this course we are deconstructing a trap track with Spanish vocals, made in Ableton Live 10. The track is made up of programmed, and sample-based loops for the drums, an 808 bass, a few harmonic elements and the vocals. We are taking a look into the arrangement, effects and techniques used in this project.

Video 1 - The Drums (12:31)
The drums are programmed in a progressive trap pattern where the kick dictates the rhythm throughout the track. We are looking at basic EQ settings using analog modeled equalizers and basic effects such as reverb and delay.

Video 2 - The Bass (05:13)
The 808 sound is generated using a soft synth and then processed to satisfy the low-end of the track. A bass support synth is layered as well. A bass compressor and tube emulations of equalizers were used to process this channel.

Video 3 - Harmonic Elements (06:31)
The melody of the track is a power-chord progression that plays throughout the track. A piano sound and an arpeggiated synth was added to complement the vocal on the pre-choruses.

Video 4 - Vocals (14:19)
The vocal group consists of a lead vocal channel along with the backing vocals, doubles and short adlibs. Also processed with emulations of analog equalizers for added flavor. We are looking at arrangement techniques and an in depth vocal chain effects processing.

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