SHARP Psytrance Shamens

'Psytrance Shamans' by SHARP presents a set of psychedelic sounds in this Psytrance collection. The whole content is inspired by the top names and trending progressive Psy sounds of today.
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Organic Loops Disco Latino

Organic Loops are proud to present Disco Latino, a rolling and transient selection of South American dancefloor percussion treats! With the sound of disco?s roots from the nightclubs of New York blending seamlessly with the salacious grooves of salsa and other Latin styles, this 100% royalty free collection offers you something totally unique yet high in usability.
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Udemy Start Making Music Zero to Hero | Production FL Studio 20

Why use FL Studio to create music? Because it's one of the most popular software to create music, if not the most popular. This means more information and tutorials information out there, which is very useful to learn.
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Udemy Take your Sibelius Skills To The Next Level Course 2

This course is designed to boost your Sibelius skills. It will show you how to produce digital music notation at an advanced level. We will be covering a wide range of advanced notation techniques, customization techniques as well as playback hacks.
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Cryptic Dystopia Sample Library

This sample library contains 10 samples crafted by cryptic, benhunta & arminwave. each sample will take you on a journey to a different reality, crazy switchups and sounds you never heard before are the trademark of this pack. made with real instruments (steinway & sons grand piano, stratocaster e-guitar, double bass & tenor flutes) and several virtual instruments & synthesizers.
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KXVI Force Sample Loops Kit

KXVI is back with another phenomenal loop pack! Emulating the sounds of producers like Cubeatz, Frank Dukes & PVLACE - this pack will inspire you to make beats for the likes of Travis Scott, Drake and many more.
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Glockley Demon Hi Hat Midi Kit

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Nail The Mix Daniel Braunstein Spiritbox Holy Roller

Daniel Braunstein is a songwriter, producer and mixer based out of Los Angeles, CA. A metalhead at heart, Daniel is most known for his work with Metalcore and Hard Rock genres. However, his passion and experience working in diverse genres such as Pop/R&B, has helped him develop his approach to creating and mixing, that blends unexpected elements from various musical worlds in order to create his unique and identifiable sound.
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ZTEKNO Time Warp Techno

'Time Warp Techno' by ZTEKNO includes five Construction Kits and five mastered and unmastered full tracks, something you won't have seen in ZTEKNO's earlier sample packs.
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Hijo De Ramon Music Library Vol.13 GALAXIA

Sample Pack Features: All engineered, produced and composed by CAMEone with additional instrumentation by Curtis Crump jr.
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