Voider Synth Runner Sound Design Series Pads

Voider Synth Runner Sound Design Series Pads

This course will expand your horizon when it comes to creating more complex and difficult, cinematic sounding pads. Creating a basic pad is easy, but how can your pads come really alive and stand out? You will learn how to give your patches more depth and uniqueness and how to create patches with a clear vision right from the start, so that you actually end up with the sound that you have imagined.

When it comes to the playability of patches, there are also quite a few things to consider. Sometimes ideas do sound very good at first glance, but mess too much with the practical utility and quality of the sound; learning how to make the right decisions - when and when not to go with an idea - is essential on your journey to become a great Synthrunner. Because at the end of the day our patches shouldn't just sound good when they are being played in isolation, but also work in compositions and enhance the music.

Although this module is a great expansion to the "How to become a Synthrunner with Pigments" course, this whole series is designed to work standalone for everyone who wants to augment their sounddesign and patch crafting skills.

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