Native Instruments Spotlight Collection: Middle East

A MODERN APPROACH TO TRADITIONAL SOUNDS Access a rich tradition of Arabic, Turkish, and Persian music, and enrich your productions with a fascinating musical heritage. Create authentic-sounding traditional soundscapes or add unique textures to contemporary tracks.
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Miles Stain Intrinsic Field (Analog Lab V Bank)

Tailored specifically for hip-hop beats, this pack features 40 unique presets, each crafted to infuse your tracks with a distinct, powerful vibe. Step into a realm where every beat tells a story.
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Producer Loops No Worries

Introducing "No Worries" the new Pop sample pack from Producer Loops – where vibrant melodies meet infectious rhythms, creating a musical escape that's bound to elevate your productions to new heights! Dive into a world of carefree melodies, uplifting chord progressions, and grooves that make you move. With "No Worries," crafting chart-topping Pop hits has never been easier. Inside this meticulously crafted sample pack, you'll find a treasure trove of rhythms and sounds accompanied by stunning male vocals.
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Multiton Bits Layered Hip-Hop Drums

"Layered Hip-Hop Drums" pack is our latest effort in getting that big sounding vintage MPC beats right at your fingertips! What you will find here is a huge selection of multilayered drums one-shots, result of weeks of detailed sound design work. Here is also a number of complex and different sounding 4bar loops featuring multiply variations and transitions inside one file for maximum usability! All sounds are meticulously edited for best quality results and are more than suitable for MPC playing style. Beside vintage hip-hop productions these samples are great for retro sounding breakbeat and lo-fi hip-hop tracks!
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Voider Synth Runner Sound Design Series Pads

This course will expand your horizon when it comes to creating more complex and difficult, cinematic sounding pads. Creating a basic pad is easy, but how can your pads come really alive and stand out? You will learn how to give your patches more depth and uniqueness and how to create patches with a clear vision right from the start, so that you actually end up with the sound that you have imagined.
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Sampledelic Sounds Astral Acoustics

This sample pack contains 420 MB of samples sourced from Papas st germain's own acoustic guitar playing. From serene fingerpicked sequences to abstract psychedelic loops and chordal pads, all sounds are sourced from acoustic guitar.
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TrakTrain Alt Beats Sample Pack by Prod Kult x Bonnierogerr

In this Alt Beats Sample Pack Prod Kult x Bonnierogerr presents 444 high-quality WAV samples perfect for making Alternative Pop and Rock tracks & beats. TRAKTRAIN and Prod Kult proudly present the Alt Beats Sample Pack by Prod Kult’s Bonnierogerr - a game-changing collection of 444 high-quality WAV samples. Dive into melodic guitar loops, powerful drum rhythms, heavy basslines, and an array of one-shot samples.
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GOGOi Abstract View

ABSTRACT VIEW is a collection of blissful-hazy leftfield electronica serum presets with a touch of fuzzy experimental analog textured sound palettes. 60 Presets
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Beatskillz AK9X

Here is the AK9X, the classic vintage sampler emulation. Imagine the warm, rich sound of those old-school samplers, but with a twist. This plugin is a tribute to the iconic and legendary sampler of the past. It's not just a basic emulation; it dives deep into recreating the soul of the preamp section, giving you that authentic, gritty sound.
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Dear Reality dearVR PRO 2

Binaural, Ambisonics & Multi-Channel Spatializer Bring your production to the next level with the state-of-the-art spatializer. Experience total control, whether mixing in multi-channel speaker formats up to 7.1.4 and 9.1.6, binaural, or Ambisonics. Being inserted in the audio track, dearVR PRO 2's ultra-precise early reflection and reverb engine adds another layer of spatial experience, leading to true-to-life sounding productions with natural depth that puts you in the center of the sound.
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Audiopunks AP Telefunken Echomixer

Telefunken have teamed up with Audiopunks to create a plug-in version of their Echomixer device, which housed three germanium preamps and a Hammond IV spring reverb. Modelled on a modified example of an original unit from 1960, the emulation brings the classic sound into modern production environments.
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