The North Face How to Choose a Microphone A Guide to Using Them

The North Face How to Choose a Microphone A Guide to Using Them

So, you’re about to start a new project. Maybe it’s a podcast, a voice over, a singer/ songwriter channel and you’ve realised that you need a microphone. The course will give you the knowledge and confidence to understand how to choose a microphone for any situation.

You don’t have to have a big budget to get professional results, but you do need to understand how different microphones are better suited to different applications.

The best way to learn about sound is to listen! That’s why in this example led course, a quick explanation is given, followed by examples to help you understand the point.

Ryan walks through some of the microphones he has used in his professional career in various settings such as live sound, studio engineering, voice over and location film/tv. (See Ryan's Website)

What You'll Learn
Introduction - What is this course, who is it for and why you should take it?
How Microphones work – To understand how to get professional recordings, we need to learn a few simple concepts about how microphones actually work.
Types of Microphones – Examples of the two main types of microphone: dynamic and condenser.
Polar Pick Up Patterns –This session covers the main pick up patterns you should consider when choosing a mic. The patterns are explained while you’re listening to them being tested out.
Cables and Connectors - After you’ve invested in a quality microphone, does it matter if you use a cheap cable?
Plosive and Wind Protection – This session shows you the importance in controlling two of the main issues when recording dialogue
How to Choose a Microphone (with examples) - In this session we break down how to choose a microphone with different examples (a voice over, a guitar amp), a podcast and dialogue outside.
Project - Showcase a recording you have made and explain why you used that microphone.

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