Banger Samples Underground DNB Vol.1

'Underground DNB Vol.1' by Banger Samples contains the perfect balance of Neuro and Funk, with a technical approach to low-end science that gives you instant access to system-shaking bass, paired with dense exclusive modern drum grooves.
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Zenhiser Hybrid Trap Stems

Think you can handle Trap sounds this big, think again! Hybrid Trap Stems is a seriously crazy collection of unique song stems compiled into one brutal, rude, eye opening compilation. Designed to inflict monumental damage to any dance floor, this stem pack an absolute goldmine.
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Sample Market Traumer Percussive Sequences

Traumer delivers a stunning collection of trippy percussive loops for our SM Tools series. If you are looking for percussion loops that will bring your productions to life, then this library is the one for you.
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Sample Market Silat Beksi Drums

Ukrainian minimal artists Silat Beksi delivers a brand new essential collection of expertly programmed drum grooves for our SM Tools series! Expect to find full beats, glitchy percussion patterns, kick-free grooves, hi-hat loops, kick loops, claps & snares ideal for adding extra groove and variation to your drums.
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Eiby CLASSY (Compositions and Stems)

Indulge in the refined sounds of the "CLASSY" Sample Pack, a meticulously crafted collection by Eiby. Immerse yourself in 10 original compositions, each a sophisticated journey through its unique auditory realm. Eiby seamlessly blended classical instruments, smooth electric melodies, and sultry vocals to weave a tapestry of sonic elegance. Elevate your music with this classy collection and let the timeless sophistication of "CLASSY" set the stage for your creative endeavors.
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PastToFutureReverbs Eventide Orville Reverb FX Impulse Responses

These reverbs/fx will blow your mind! The depth and the quality of the reverbs are stunning!
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MatiasMacSD Reverse Production Elements

“REVERSE” is a collection of 32 Sound Effects created using reversed sounds processed with extreme changes in speed and pitch. You will find atmospheric and surrealistic production elements that works on their own to induce time, tension and mystery, or you can combine them with your current collection of production elements to create a more rich and complex sound.
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One Man Tribe Cosmos Tape Drums

Cosmos Tape Drums feat. guitar phenomenon Yoav Eshed. Tape Drums is a new sample pack series by Ben Aylon, bringing you drums and percussion loops with creative fresh beats, analog saturation and color, all played through the Roland RE-201 Space Echo tape delay machine. Each pack is produced with its signature theme and contains 10 main beats played with a hybrid drum kit, three percussion instruments and a Roland Space Echo FX channel. With each pack you get ready-mixed beats and parts, dry and wet, and the multitrack channels for you to create your own personal mix.
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Multiton Bits Organic Trapping

Organic Trapping is our take on the softer side of Trap & Hip-Hop music. The main idea behind this pack is to create fresh and unusual sounds that fit these styles. Sometimes raw and sometimes jazzy, this pack was created using Physical modeling synthesis methods. Meaning, none of the sounds existed before but were rather created from the scratch, excluding 808 drums. This way we can offer you some hybrid instruments that truly sound different! All sounds come from synths no matter how organic they sound.
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The North Face How to Choose a Microphone A Guide to Using Them

So, you’re about to start a new project. Maybe it’s a podcast, a voice over, a singer/ songwriter channel and you’ve realised that you need a microphone. The course will give you the knowledge and confidence to understand how to choose a microphone for any situation.
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Boom Bap Labs Amen Abandoned Vault Vol 6

On a trip to this undisclosed location in a quiet forest Amen found this abandoned cabin. As he stayed at the place for a few days and nights he discovered this secret entrance under a floor carpet. This door led to a dark basement full of dusty record crates. He compiled what he found and made this amazing sample pack filled with 15 samples of various flavors. You can chop and reconstruct to your need or just simply drag n drop and loop as is. For the price the potential is huge. Grab yourself 1 or 2 packs like this and your set to deliver highly flammable raw bangers. Highly recommended.WAV 44.1Khz / 16 bits15 rare samplesCurated by AmenNon royalty free samples
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Producer Loops Summer House

'Summer House' by Producer Loops delivers 900mb of stunningly uplifting music full of idyllic summer vibes inspired by Joel Corry, MNEK, Just Kiddin, James Hype, and many more chart-topping artists. 'Summer House' brings in the festive warmth and freedom of summer with this inspiring collection of Piano House and House Pop loops and samples.
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Producer Loops Lonely

Inside you'll find a plethora of dynamic melodies that capture the essence of modern Pop music. Whether you're looking for infectious hooks or introspective verses, "Lonely" has the musical building blocks you need. Infuse your tracks with rhythm using our meticulously crafted drum loops. From energetic grooves to subtle beats, these drums will give your music that professional edge. Discover a rich array of instrumental loops, from sparkling synths and lush pianos to groovy basslines and atmospheric pads. Instantly add depth and texture to your compositions.
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Electronic Music: Systems Techniques and Controls

This book provides an overview of electronic music systems, including their history and how they work. It covers various techniques and controls used in electronic music production, and offers advice on how to get the most out of your equipment.
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Music for Inclusion and Healing in Schools and Beyond: Hip Hop, Techno, Grime, and More

Contemporary popular musics such as hip hop, techno, grime, EDM, drill, house and so on are among the most listened to in the world and yet, typically, they are barely covered in the music classroom if at all. This needs to be better reflected in educational, cultural, and social terms. In wider society, these musics are often treated as if they are the causative for the social dysfunction that, in fact, they merely reflect. At the same time, projects, programmes and practices of such contemporary popular musics can and have supported wellness and healing. Editors Pete Dale, Pamela Burnard, and Raphael Travis Jr. argue that there is huge potential here for enhanced inclusion.
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