Udemy Songwriting Control: Songwriting Masterclass

Udemy Songwriting Control: Songwriting Masterclass

Write your own songs step by step! Song Writing, Music Theory, Writing Lyrics, Chords, Melody, Music Composition, Rhymes

What you'll learn

Everything about songwriting
Music theory
Song Structure
Writing texts
Song analysis
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You don't need any previous knowledge and can start immediately!


Would you like to write your own songs? Or do you already have some experience and want to take your songwriting to the next level?Then SONGWRITING CONTROL is just right for you!In this course Philipp will show you everything about music theory, scales, chords, melodies, how a song is structured, finding ideas, rhythm, tempo, writing lyrics, song analysis, how to write for others, and much more...But what exactly will you learn in this course?

Music Theory Part1: In the first section of Songwriting Control you will get the perfect introduction to music theory, tones, scales, major, minor, chords, chord progressions and also the basics of a melody. This section could be sold as a separate course under the name "Music Theory for Beginners", but we have integrated it into the course here because we want to bring all participants up to the same level. What is a song? Maybe this question sounds totally banal to you, but it's not if you look deeper. In the second section you will learn in which parts a song is structured, how to identify the style, determine rhythm and tempo and much more. The highlight of this section are the tasks for you. Philipp has picked out a song for you in each genre and analysed it. Your task is to also analyse the song according to the given parameters and then compare your analysis with that of Philipp. Feel free to use the Questions & Answers section to get individual feedback from Philipp.

How to start a new song: Here you get a guideline to start with your new song. Here is the rough procedure: Finding ideas, chords, melody, lyrics, rhythm, style and song parts. All steps will be explained to you in detail by Philipp. At the end, you will be given the task of finding your own chord progression. Writing lyrics: A central element of songwriting is, of course, writing lyrics. You will learn strategies to find fruitful ideas for your lyrics, rhyme schemes and also how to tell a story with your song. In most cases, artists want to indirectly tell a story with their song or simply get a message across with the song. You will learn all this in this section. Take a look at some free preview videos here so you can see for yourself the quality of the course. Now it's time to write your first song with all the knowledge you have learned before. As you know, only applied knowledge makes a difference and here everything is put into practice. At the end of this section you will have your own song.

Part 2: Secrets of the big "hits": What actually distinguishes a hit song from a normal song? How can you increase your chances of getting a hit? Of course, there is no blueprint for this. But Philipp tells you everything he does every day in his work as a musician to write a hit.

Music Theory Part2: In the first section you already understood the basics of music theory. But now it goes even deeper and you learn advanced elements of music theory. Here is a brief overview of the topics: Reharmonisation, Harmonic Minor, Ostinato Tones, Slash Chords and Walking Basses.Writing Melodies: Feel free to watch some free preview videos. In this section you'll learn how to link and express emotions with your melody, key changes and a lot more about writing melodies.Writing for others: Maybe you don't want to perform the song you've written yourself. If that's the case, you'll learn here what to consider when writing songs for others. Questions & Answers: Since Philipp often gets asked the same questions, we have created a chapter to answer them in video form. So if you have a question and it's not covered in this chapter, we'll be happy to create a video to answer it. This course is for anyone who wants to have fun with songwriting and master the topic from A-Z step by step.So what are you waiting for? Enrol in Songwriting Control today and we'll see you in the first video.We look forward to seeing you!All the bestPhilipp & Marius


Section 1: Welcome and Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome
Lecture 2 What do I need for this course?

Section 2: Part 1: Music Theory

Lecture 3 Intro: music theory and why you must not be scared!
Lecture 4 The Tones
Lecture 5 Scales
Lecture 6 Major Scales
Lecture 7 Minor Scales
Lecture 8 Chords and how they are build
Lecture 9 Chord progressions and Nashville Number System
Lecture 10 Do I need to play an instrument?
Lecture 11 Melody Basics and Variations
Lecture 12 How to find a melody?

Section 3: What is a song?

Lecture 13 Intro: What is a song?
Lecture 14 Songparts and Build Up
Lecture 15 Arrangement
Lecture 16 Rhythm and Tempo
Lecture 17 Sound and Song Mood
Lecture 18 Different Styles and typical song structure
Lecture 19 The Pop Song
Lecture 20 Analysis and conclusion Pop song
Lecture 21 The Rock Song
Lecture 22 Analysis and conclusion Rock song
Lecture 23 The Hip Hop Song
Lecture 24 Analysis and conclusion Hip Hop song
Lecture 25 House/Electro/Dance
Lecture 26 Analysis and conclusion House/Dance/Electro

Section 4: How to start a new song?

Lecture 27 Intro: How to start a new song?
Lecture 28 To have an idea
Lecture 29 Finding chords
Lecture 30 Find a melody
Lecture 31 First lyrics/snippets
Lecture 32 Finding rhythm and tempo
Lecture 33 Find the fitting genre/style
Lecture 34 Creating and defining song parts

Section 5: Writing lyrics

Lecture 35 Intro: Writing lyrics
Lecture 36 Finding ideas
Lecture 37 Rhyme schemes
Lecture 38 Tell a story
Lecture 39 Strong pictures and emotions
Lecture 40 Phrasing
Lecture 41 Using typical language
Lecture 42 The Chorus first!
Lecture 43 Hints for future lyricists

Section 6: Let's get started: our first song

Lecture 44 Finding chords
Lecture 45 Creating song parts
Lecture 46 Melody Chorus
Lecture 47 Melody Verse
Lecture 48 Melody Bridge
Lecture 49 Melody C-Part
Lecture 50 Findling the right rhythm
Lecture 51 Finding lyrics
Lecture 52 Our first song

Section 7: Part 2: Specifics of „the Hits“

Lecture 53 Intro: Specifics of "the Hits"
Lecture 54 Why do my songs sound all the same?
Lecture 55 „Borrowing“ chords from other scales
Lecture 56 Famous chord progressions

Section 8: Music Theory Follow up

Lecture 57 Intro: Music theory follow up
Lecture 58 Re-Harmonising a Melody
Lecture 59 Harmonic Minor
Lecture 60 Ostinato Notes
Lecture 61 Slash chords
Lecture 62 Walking Bass

Section 9: Writing a melody

Lecture 63 Intro: Writing a melody
Lecture 64 Melodies and Emotions
Lecture 65 Melody lines and differences within song parts
Lecture 66 Melody range
Lecture 67 Key change and modulation
Lecture 68 Useful tips!

Section 10: Writing for others

Lecture 69 Intro: Writing for others
Lecture 70 Get to know each other
Lecture 71 Analyzing the person
Lecture 72 Finding topics
Lecture 73 Make suggestions
Lecture 74 Lyrics and song changes subsequently
Lecture 75 Legal things

Section 11: Thank you!

Lecture 76 Thank you and all the best!

Section 12: Tips, Tricks and FAQ

Lecture 77 Intro: Tips, Tricks and FAQ
Lecture 78 Writing alone
Lecture 79 Writing with a band
Lecture 80 Collaborations
Lecture 81 Earning money as a lyricist
Lecture 82 Earning money as a songwriter
Lecture 83 Writing as an artist with others
Lecture 84 GEMA, ICE, PRS etc.
Lecture 85 IFRRO
Lecture 86 Streaming, Spotify, Apple Music etc.
Lecture 87 The difference between producer and songwriter
Lecture 88 How to produce a song
Lecture 89 How much for a studio?
Lecture 90 What fees for producer/manager/booking agent?
Lecture 91 What do I need for a good home studio?
Lecture 92 How to produce a demo nowadays?
Lecture 93 How to write a hit single?
Lecture 94 How to learn to become a producer?
Lecture 95 Do you have any tips for singing and playing guitar at the same time?

Beginners who are just starting out in songwriting,Advanced students who want to learn from a professional musician

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