OddKidOut Universal Drums

Butch Serianni, aka OddKidOut, is a Philadelphia-based drummer and producer. He has been drumming since the age of 6, and has become a renowned figure in the international digital media space for his drumming, production, and MPC skills. Universal Drums is a collection of 80 drum loops custom-made by OddKidOut. The pack can be universally used in any musical setting for the modern day producer.
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Udemy Songwriting Control: Songwriting Masterclass

Write your own songs step by step! Song Writing, Music Theory, Writing Lyrics, Chords, Melody, Music Composition, Rhymes What you'll learn
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nofuk 2021 MEGA LOOP PACK + flp (850 pcs)

✔ 850 samples for selling beats/spotify etc.Every sample from 2021 + every part included. Also lot of secret, unreleased samples. Key and tempo labeled, lot of them with separated sections, tag included.
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Yeat x Ken Carson x F1lthy Chrome Loop Kit

30 Loops by @prod.deshun + @praisedommy + @1helloimro in the style of Yeat,Ken Caron,F1lthy and other underground artist
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Irrupt Psychedelic Warehouse

Everyone has that one friend. The guy who’s afraid to try something new when it exists outside of his comfort zone. Let’s call this person ‘Jimmy’ and let’s assume he’s never stepped foot into a ‘Psychedelic Warehouse’ party before. He’s listened to the repetitious thump from the outside. He’s listened to the surreal soundtracks playing on his buddy’s mix tapes, and he’s read about them on the popular electronic music blogs. He’s learned that it’s a form of modern music designed to make people think, discover new feelings, watch walls melt (and of course occasionally shake their butts to atypical tunes). Poor Jimmy doesn't know what he's getting himself into.
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Versilian Studios Triangles

High or low, open or muted, Triangles has you covered with eight individual triangles, four articulations (open, half-muted, full muted, and rolls), two dynamic layers, and two microphone positions (mono close and stereo overhead) to choose from. Equally at home in Pop rhythms or your next symphony, these samples were recorded in a real concert hall.
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Symphonic Production Niphkeys' Afrobeats Special

Niphkeys is a Nigerian record producer and sound engineer from Nigeria. With tons of hits to his name, he has risen to become a phenomenal household name on the streets. Symphonic for Production brings you into his sonic world, with lush guitars, bouncy syncopated drums, and grooving basslines to inspire your Afrobeats creations. We also designed 20 exclusive Serum presets inspired from Niphkeys’ signature sound to help you immerse yourself and your listeners in his beautiful and vibrant vibes.
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nofuk Bonecuts Vol.3

✔ 21 synth / bell / flute / guitar / violin samples inspired by artists like Lil Baby, Future, Moneyman and more.All samples are tagless and with separated stems sections at the end of sample. Artists that used our samples:
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nofuk Bonecuts Vol.2

✔ 28 synth / bell / flute / guitar / violin samples inspired by artists like Lil Baby, Future, Migos,Kodak Black and more. All samples are tagless and with separated stems sections at the end of sample.
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Soundbox Maximum Trap

'Maximum Trap' by Soundbox presents a Trap collection of fully-loaded, heavy-duty sounds inspired by Skrillex, UZ, DJ Snake, and Diplo. This product was crafted for producers who are looking for mental Synths, crushing 808 Samples, club quaking Drums and head shaking Rhythms.
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Tone2 Electra 2

Electra2 is equipped with a high quality sound engine, multi layer support and a large range of music production features, all using a friendly hands-on interface that ensures first-timers can easily create sounds and experts can take their designs as deep as they want to.
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Tone2 Icarus 2

Icarus2 is the most powerful synthesizer available on the market. The award-winning audio-engine provides a gigantic sonic range, offers true high-end sound quality and creates sounds impossible with other synths. Icarus2 ships with 1761 hand-picked patches from professional designers.
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iZotope Relay

On the surface, Relay is a low-CPU-overhead utility that lets you adjust your tracks' gain, pan, stereo image, and filter parameters on the fly. When used in conjunction with other IPC-enabled iZotope plug-ins, it becomes your gateway to numerous automated processes designed to streamline your audio workflow. Relay enables tracks containing Neutron 3, Nectar 3, or VocalSynth 2 plug-ins to interact with one another for automatic mixing, unmasking, and more.
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Internet ABILITY 4.0 Pro

Internet Co. , Ltd. released a new version of ABILITY , a domestic DAW, on May 27th. This is the successor to the previous ABILITY 3.0 Pro and ABILITY 3.0 Elements, ABILITY 4.0 Pro and ABILITY 4.0 Elements . While there are many overseas DAWs such as the United States and Germany, this is the latest version of ABILITY from Internet, which has developed two lineups: the entry version of Singer Song Writer Lite and the higher version of ABILITY.
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Internet AMS Library

Now, the main feature of ABILITY 4.0 is AMS, a sound source that Internet has been developing for many years. This is a GM2 compatible multitimbral tone generator. Nowadays, it's normal to be able to handle a large number of MIDI tracks and instrument tracks, so I think the number of cases where a single sound source can play multiple MIDI channels independently is decreasing. However, multi-timbral tone generators are an important item when it comes to making music by making full use of the goodness of MIDI.
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