Udemy Learn To Play Ukulele Beginner Masterclass

Udemy Learn To Play Ukulele Beginner Masterclass

From the very start to playing songs!

What you'll learn
Learn to play chords on the Ukulele
Learn how to read and play ukulele tabs
Learn basic music theory and apply it to your instrument
How to use and read a chord image

No experience needed, this is an introductory course.

In this class, Jacob Lamb takes you through the basics of learning bass, with no prior knowledge necessary! Have you ever wanted to play bass? Be there hero in your band? Slap sick riffs and slide on groovy tunes? This is the course for you. Consider this your first bass class. Your starting point to stardom. In this class we'll start with the basics: the parts of the bass, left and right hand technique, tuning our bass, and warmups. Then it's on to the playing - we learn the notes on the strings and how to find any note with one simple rule. Then we add some rhythms in steps, with song tutorials to practice our new skills! Finally, you'll also get some practice reading basic sheet music and using bass tabs.Each lesson video features closeup views, as well as detailed pictures and graphics to help you understand new information and put it to use quickly and easily.By the end of the course, you'll be able to search for any song online and begin playing through like a natural! I am always available for questions about the class, and encourage students to reach out! I can't wait to meet you. See you in there!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome!

Lecture 2 Parts of the Ukulele

Lecture 3 Left and Right Hand Technique

Lecture 4 Names of the Strings

Lecture 5 Tuning Your Instrument

Section 2: Chords and Songs

Lecture 6 Reading a Chord Image

Lecture 7 Chords 101: Em, D, C and G

Lecture 8 Song #1: Let It Go

Lecture 9 Song #2: Take it Easy

Lecture 10 Chords 102: E, Am and Dm

Lecture 11 Song #3: Sunday Morning

Lecture 12 Chords 103: Bm, A and F

Lecture 13 Song #4: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Lecture 14 Song #5: Hallelujah

Lecture 15 Song #6: Ho Hey

Section 3: Strumming Patterns

Lecture 16 Strumming Patterns (4 Beats)

Lecture 17 Strumming Patterns (3 Beats)

Section 4: Intermediate Chords

Lecture 18 Chords 201: Fm, Gm

Lecture 19 Chords 202: B, Cm

Section 5: A Little Theory/Warmups

Lecture 20 Half and Whole Steps

Lecture 21 Sharps and Flats

Lecture 22 Reading Tabs

Lecture 23 Warmups

Section 6: Saying Goodbye

Lecture 24 Congratulations!

Beginner learners who are ready to take the first steps in Ukulele

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