SIIK Sounds SLCTD collections. Sample Pack

SLCTD collections. is a big sample with over 500 high quality samples in the style of mostly deep house. If you struggle to find good sounds in this style, then this pack is the right choice for you to expand your collections of sounds.
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SIIK Sounds SLCTD collections Preset Pack

SLCTD collections - Preset Pack is a big deep house preset library for XFer Serum. It includes sounds inspired by the sound of analog synthesizers and also new, fresh sounds that are really relevant these days.
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The Book I Wish I'd Had When I Was New To The Guitar

This is the book that would have saved me countless hours of aggravation and frustration had it been available when I started playing the guitar over forty years ago. I was asked to teach a relative the rudiments of guitar, and as I was deciding what I should tell her, I began to think what I wished someone had told me. I have been honest about the mistakes I have made over the years in the hope you can avoid them, but the main bulk of this book is a detailed explanation of what chords and scales actually are, and how a high percentage of what you need to know is based on just five chord shapes and five scale shapes. This truly is THE BOOK I WISHED I'D HAD WHEN I WAS NEW TO THE GUITAR.
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Steven Shaeffer Alternative Drum Stash (Drum Kit)

100 experimental drums sounds to use in your productions. Sounds inspired by Kanye West, S1, etc.
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Ninetyniiine Drumkit Vol.2

10 custom made 808sclaps hihats openhats
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Spatial Sound Principles and Applications

Spatial sound is an enhanced and immersive set of audio techniques which provides sound in three-dimensional virtual space. This comprehensive handbook sets out the basic principles and methods with a representative group of applications: sound field and spatial hearing; principles and analytic methods of various spatial sound systems, including two-channel stereophonic sound, and multichannel horizontal and spatial surround sound; ambisonics; wavefield synthesis; binaural playback and virtual auditory display; recording and synthesis, and storage and transmission of spatial sound signals; and objective and subjective evaluation. Applications range from cinemas to small mobile devices.
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Groove3 sonible smart:bundle Explained

The smart:bundle from sonible contains four essential processors for your productions, and in this two-hour sonible video tutorial course, studio guru Eli Krantzberg walks you through each one in detail, demonstrating the capabilities with telling musical examples. Learn how these smart plugins make your job easier with intelligent frequency detection and other helpful features that separate them from other plugins. You also get the audio file examples Eli uses in the videos so you can follow along in your DAW. These videos are for new smart plugin users.
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Groove3 Creative Ways to Use Reverb Explained

Reverb may be the most common effect in our toolbox, but doesn't mean you can't use it to generate uncommon sounds! Join studio expert Gary Hiebner for a 70-minute video course on creative ways to teach reverb to do some new sonic tricks! You'll learn how to generate reverse effects, gated reverbs, compressed reverbs, and much more, none of which require the use of any specialty plugins; you can create these effects with the plugins you already have! You also get all the audio files used in the videos so you can apply all of the techniques shown on your DAW. These creative reverb videos are for novice to intermediate producers or recordists.
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Udemy How To Make Intelligent Dance Music In Ableton Live

The definition of intelligent dance music in Dictionary is as: A genre of experimental electronic music that combines elements of techno and dance music with complex rhythmic structures and atypical melodic patterns.
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Based on legendary G Console compressor, The WD G-Bus Compressor is an exact clone of the original's IC input and twin VCA gain-reduction amplifier design. Cut through your mix with this dynamic tool that makes glue up your mix .
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WAVDSP Preamp Collection

Amplify your sound. Choose your amplifiers. Neural Networks Algorithms
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Udemy Escaping The 8 Bar Loop And Finishing More Music In Ableton

Learn More About Omar Meho - Label Owner, Graphics Designer, Mastering Engineer, Composer, DJ World Renowned Omar Meho will guarantee your success as a DJ or Producer. He has his own experiences in which he can teach you valuable lessons you can learn nowhere else.
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Udemy Music Production How To Make A U.K Garage Track

5-Star Reviews 1. Randy Omar has alot of experience as a DJ and a good understanding of the music business side of things. He's helpful in any regard and is practical when explaining ideas. Overall great session.
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ADSR Sounds Get started with ADSR Sounds Drum Machine

Walkthrough all of ADSR Drum Machine’s Key Features & Functions Explore ADSR Drum Machine in depth from navigating the interface, to loading kits, browsing factory content and applying a wide range of FX, to making best use of the sequencer and the onboard mixer. This course is a quick and effective tour to get you up and running and laying down beats straight away
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Beat Butcha Filth Vol.5

Beat Butcha is back with the latest installment in his infamous 'Filth' Drum Kit Series. Filthy as can be, this kit is full of strictly the grimeyest of sounds for lovers of the nastiest drum breaks & scariest beats and melodies, everything you need to make beats is in this kit: hard drum loops, percs, sounds and musical chops composed and designed by Beat Butcha for you guys to use in your productions.
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