Udemy Classical Guitar Method For Absolute Beginners Part 1

Udemy Classical Guitar Method For Absolute Beginners Part 1

Learn the basics of finger style

What you'll learn
Know the basics of Classical Guitar techniques
Read standard music notation
Play well known tunes
On your way to be a finger style guitarist

Have a nylon string guitar
Have access to the internet

This course will teach you the basic principles of playing Classical Guitar.At he end of this video you will be able to:- Read standard notation-Learn the classical guitar techniques-Know the notes od the fingerboard-Play some well know tunesI have designed this course for the total beginners who never touched this instrument, but also for who would like to approach the finger style technique.I have put a lot of material in this method, such as many exercises, studies and famous pieces as Ode to joy by Beethoven, Jingle Bells, Twinkle Twinkle and a medieval pieces.Here are key features you will learn:1. The anatomy of the guitar2. How to tune the strings3. Names of the notes on each string4. Finger style technique5. Theory6. How to use the thumb7. Playing two voicesWe will go trough those points and much more, step by step. I will also show you how to count and play very slow so you can follow up easily. I have also attached the scores that you need for every exercise, study and piece. Each one of those scores are full of details.Looking forward to see you inside!P.s Find the right teacher is very important, therefore If you want to know about me and my journey, you can find more about me on my site or youtube channel.


Section 1: Welcome

Lecture 1 Who is this course for?

Lecture 2 What do I need?

Lecture 3 Body parts

Section 2: Before we play

Lecture 4 Music alphabet

Lecture 5 Body posture

Lecture 6 Tuning the guitar

Section 3: Beginning to play

Lecture 7 Finger names

Lecture 8 Tirando technique, exercise no.1

Lecture 9 Tirando exercise no.2

Lecture 10 A daily practice

Section 4: A bit of theory

Lecture 11 Staff and Clef

Lecture 12 Time signature

Lecture 13 The notes value

Section 5: Right hand

Lecture 14 Reminder

Lecture 15 Right hand exercise 1

Lecture 16 Right hand exercise 2

Lecture 17 Right hand exercise 3

Lecture 18 Right hand exercise 4

Section 6: The left hand

Lecture 19 Left hand

Section 7: String no.1 (E)

Lecture 20 Study no.1 - Whole notes

Lecture 21 Study no.2 - Half notes

Lecture 22 Study no.3 - Quarter notes

Lecture 23 Study no.4

Section 8: String no.2 (B)

Lecture 24 Study no.5 - D note

Lecture 25 Study no.6

Lecture 26 Study no.7 - C note

Lecture 27 Study no.8 - B note

Section 9: Two pieces

Lecture 28 Reading Jingle Bells

Lecture 29 Jingle Bells

Lecture 30 Reading Ode to joy

Lecture 31 Ode to joy - by Ludwig van Beethoven

Section 10: String no.3 (G)

Lecture 32 Study no.9 - A and G Note

Lecture 33 Reading Jingle Bells - part II

Lecture 34 Jingle Bells - part II

Lecture 35 Reading Twinkle Twinkle

Lecture 36 Twinkle twinkle

Section 11: The dot and 3/4 time

Lecture 37 The dot and 3/4 time

Lecture 38 Reading Waltz in 3

Lecture 39 Waltz in 3

Section 12: The thumb

Lecture 40 About the thumb

Lecture 41 The thumb exercise 1

Lecture 42 The thumb exercise 2

Lecture 43 Reading Piece no.1

Lecture 44 Piece no.1

Lecture 45 Reading Piece no.2

Lecture 46 Piece no.2

Section 13: Playing with two lines

Lecture 47 Open bases

Lecture 48 Reading Divertisment

Lecture 49 Divertisment (Medieval piece)

Lecture 50 Reading On skies

Lecture 51 On skies

Section 14: String no.4 (D)

Lecture 52 Reading 4th string, study no.10

Section 15: Beautiful pieces

Lecture 53 Reading Signir Sol

Lecture 54 Signir Sol

Lecture 55 Reading Lullaby

Lecture 56 Lullaby

Section 16: The eighth note

Lecture 57 Happy Birthday to you

Lecture 58 Reading Anonyme

Lecture 59 Anonyme

Lecture 60 Reading Fishing

Lecture 61 Fishing

Section 17: Final thoughts

Lecture 62 Congratulations!

Lecture 63 Preview of the next course

This course is meant for the one that have never touched the guitar before but also for the one that would like to learn about finger style

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