SkillShare The Way of Serum Learn Serum

SkillShare The Way of Serum Learn Serum

In this Course You Will learn all the Fundamentals of the Plugin Xfer Serum!

This Course in organized in an easy to follow 10 lesson video lectures covering all the main features of Serum.

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Project Description
The Class Project consists of 10 "Test Your Knowledge" questions. These questions will evaluate whether or not you have actually learned the material within this course. There is also a grading system and you can measure your progress.


1. 0 Introduction
2. 1 Oscillators
3. 2 Filters
4. 3 FX
5. 4 Envelopes and LFOS
6. 5 Modulation Matrix
7. 6 Voicing
8. 7 Global
9. 8 WaveTable Editor
10. 9 Tips and Tricks

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