SAMPLESOUND Artist Series Oscar L

'Artist Series: Oscar L' by Samplesound is part of the label's famed artist series which includes packs from Leonardo Gonnelli and Candi Staton, This one contains the Tech-House charms of Spanish producer, Oscar L.
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Famous Audio Calmness Healing Zen and Relaxing Ambient

'Calmness: Healing Zen & Relaxing Ambient' by Famous Audio offers a broad spectrum of relaxing Ambient melodies mixed with healing Zen sounds and other soothing Ambient tools.
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SFXtools Wood

The “Wood” SFX library featuring 78 sounds captured from variety of wooden sources from bamboo, batten, beam, plank, slat, stack and timber and all contains different type of recordings such as fall, drift, drops, impacts, wiggles and movement. All these are captured in different microphone perspectives and different size of content large, medium and small you are free to use them depending on your needs.
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Podcast Audio: Make Your Show Sound As Good As Your Content

Most podcasters are expert in lots of things other than audio. Creative warriors like yourself are on the front line churning out stories and other great content week after week, helping to build what’s become a serious industry.
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BFractal Memphis Horrorcore

BFractal Music present ¨Memphis Horrorcore¨ hypnotic, atmospheric, and bleak, with a musical sensibility, this sample pack is a disorienting combination of discordant harmonies, drum beats and massive 808 Subs that explores the dark side of sound desingn.
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Eksit Sounds Synthwave Starters 01

'Synthwave Starters 01' by Eksit Sounds brings in the nostalgic sounds of Synthwave with this great collection of song starters. If you are looking for ideas or extra sounds to add to your next Synthwave masterpiece, get your ears buried in this pack for some retro 80s Electronica inspired samples.
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SkillShare The Way of Serum Learn Serum

In this Course You Will learn all the Fundamentals of the Plugin Xfer Serum! This Course in organized in an easy to follow 10 lesson video lectures covering all the main features of Serum.
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Luftrum Omniscient for Zebra 2

Data streams flow through the airwaves, organized by an advanced logic. The cascade of information is overwhelming, it filters down to the ground below. Systems begin to run autonomously. An intelligence has arrived – and it’s far removed from this system.
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This kit includes: - Sounds used on my beats - 20 Loops
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X10 2022 Drum Kit

10 Shot Sounds14 808s 16 Fillers (142bpm) 5 FX
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Outlaw Beats Elements Drill Kit

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Gentle and hypnotic, these melodic rhythms are in the style and feel of a Gamelan orchestra.
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Gentle and hypnotic, these melodic rhythms are in the style and feel of a Gamelan orchestra.
Home page
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Ymar & Filip PLASTIC Sound Kit

THIS KIT INCLUDES: 50 Serum Presets
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WavSupply Noah Mejia Awake (One Shot Kit + Vocal Chops)

Custom made one shot kit created by Noah Mejia.20 bells 20 plucks 20 synths
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