MusicMasterMind Harness the 7 Essential Elements of Music Theory - Course 1

MusicMasterMind Harness the 7 Essential Elements of Music Theory - Course 1

After completing Music Mastermind - Course 1, you will have a solid grasp of the seven essential elements of music theory, without the fluffy nerd stuff.

Andrew Smith's core belief is that everyone can play music. Now, his premium music theory course is available on SkillShare! It is designed for both complete beginners and somewhat-established musicians who want a deeper understanding of music.

You can be playing and understanding music in no time! Andrew simplifies complicated topics with straight-forward, structured, and energetic teaching - so get ready to make music like a seasoned musician!

Are you ready to become a Music Master Mind?

Project Description
Right next to this text you will find our class project and materials - your unique music journal!

Tips for using your music journal:
1. Although it is not required, Andrew recommends you print out a physical copy of the journal. Use it to jot down notes or thoughts as you progress through the course.

2. Be sure to be creative with your journal! Feel free to brainstorm and mark it up! There is no "right" or "wrong" answer to most of the sections.

3. Force yourself to dive past surface-level answers. Try using the questions like "why do I think that" or "is there another way to think about this?", then write about that

1. Welcome to the Course!
2. Rhythm - It's just Recurrence
3. Melody - You Make Melody Every Day
4. Harmony - When Pitches Work Together
5. Harmony - When Pitches Work Together (part2)
6. Timbre - The COLOR of SOUND?!?
7. Course Rating Review Request
8. Texture - How do the Layers Feel?
9. Dynamics - Giving Power to Your Sound
10. Form - It's Way Better than Your Taxes!
11. Philosophy - How To Know if YOU Musical

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