MyMixLab Fix My Mix 02

MyMixLab Fix My Mix 02

Reid Stefan finishes a Subscriber's Ableton session and mixes the vocal production, and mastering.

This month's winner of FixMyMix is an artist duo named Queen Of Saba with an infectious hip hop song named "Chiodo Fisso." Reid Stefan Realest Puppet In The Games opens up the Ableton session and finishes the vocal production, mixing, and mastering to turn their demo mix into a finished release.

In 2020 MyMixLab announced the new Fix My Mix series where subscribers of MyMixLab can submit their mixes to be finished by 3x Grammy Engineer Luca Pretolesi or Reid Stefan Realest Puppet In The Game! Since then we've received so many amazing track submissions and you can submit your music for next month's Fix My Mix here!

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