Famous Audio Atmospheric Piano Themes 2

'Atmospheric Piano Themes 2' features 20 Cinematic crescendos and heart-wrenching piano phrases in WAV format and 20 exclusive piano melodies in MIDI format, for the piano lover in you. This pack brings you 20 professionally played and inspiring piano themes and 20 meticulously programmed MIDI files at 70, 90 and 100 BPM with a duration from 35 up to 70 secs.
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Aequor Sound Dirty Vibe

This is a brand new pack with extremely dirty new school hip-hop beats! All loops are made using a tape recorder, saturated, time stretched and pitch shifted to get this beautiful lo-fi sound. We hope that this pack will inspire you to create more and more amazing tracks.
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AudioFriend Cyberfunk Synths

100 synthesizer loops with analog characteristic, enhanced with digital processing adding modern rhytmic and glitch design. Good for innovative Funk, Synthwave , Synthpop and music with an experimental touch.
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Warp Academy Abstrakt Sonance Deconstructs Tribe

During this 2- hour live-stream, our Special Guest, Abstrakt Sonance will deconstruct his track, "Tribe" from his "Fire Dance" EP (listen below). You'll get a glimpse inside of the mind of a production master.
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MyMixLab Mixing Dance Drums

3x Grammy Mixing & Mastering Legend Luca Pretolesi takes you through his process of mixing drums in Surf Mesa & Bipolar Sunshine 2021 Dance track "Losing My Mind" from scratch using 100% plugins In The Box. The goal of series it not only to improving mixing and mastering skills, but also improve your speed and efficiency of completing a mix. Additionally, Luca's personal Drum presets from this course are included.
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MyMixLab Fix My Mix 02

Reid Stefan finishes a Subscriber's Ableton session and mixes the vocal production, and mastering. This month's winner of FixMyMix is an artist duo named Queen Of Saba with an infectious hip hop song named "Chiodo Fisso." Reid Stefan Realest Puppet In The Games opens up the Ableton session and finishes the vocal production, mixing, and mastering to turn their demo mix into a finished release.
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MyMixLab Fix My Mix 06

Reid Stefan Mixes and Masters a track from a MyMixLab subscriber in Ableton 11 titled "Yeah" by Kovalenco Gennadi. Learn how to process drums, synths, vocals, and master chain in this complete Fix My Mix series with the Realest Puppet In The Game
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MyMixLab Fix My Mix 07

Luca Pretolesi masters a Session from a Subscriber. Learn how to do session prep, processing synths, drums, vocals, and mastering like a pro Introducing KatsNotDogs music producer and MyMixLab subscriber who submitted a club friendly house track that featured a wide variety of musical influences in the production, but needed the final 10% of the mixing and mastering re-done by Luca! In this 22+ minute course Luca walks you through how he did the final mix and master from session prep, processing synths, drums, fx, and master buss! Download Luca's 3 plugin presets after watching the videos!
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FaderPro SLVR Track from Scratch

Alessandro Silveri, better known as SLVR (pronounced "silver"), is a 24-year-old producer based in Lecco, Italy. Despite his age, SLVR has already become known for his versatility, with his productions ranging vastly between Bass-House, House and UK Garage.
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Aulart My DJ Techniques and Vision of Techno with Chris Liebing

Learn advanced DJ techniques and industry insights form the German Techno Master. Chris Liebing is a worldwide requested techno DJ and producer with more than 30 years of experience. He has played in the best venues from all over the planet, from TimeWarp and Space Ibiza to the Love Parade in Berlin where he played in front of 800.000 people.
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Mixtank.tv Space Jump Salute Making A Tech House Banger

With releases on Glasgow Underground, Toolroom, Armada and LoveJuice, Space Jump Salute is a producer whose big, club-ready tech-house sound is hitting the right spot for tastemakers like Jamie Jones, Annie Mac, Soalrdo and Danny Howard.
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Mixtank.tv The Sound Of Helsloot

In this exclusive entry in our 'The Sound Of...' series, Helsloot has created a comprehensive guide to the techniques you need to make powerful melodic techno and emotive progressive house.
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Big Citi Loops Cinematic Max

Big Citi Loops & Composer4filmz teamed up to bring you 'Cinematic Max.' Brining you 5 construction kits filled with that unique OPERA sound that you won't miss.
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BFractal Music Emo Trap

Emotional Melodies with a dark and melancholic feeling, ¨Emo Trap¨ is a collection of sounds specially created to build heart-wrenching but in the same time deep, obscure and strong Trap and Hip Hop, taking much care of sub sonic frequencies and a very curated sound design.
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Beethoven's Orchestral Music: An Owner's Manual

Veteran music critic David Hurwitz provides an accessible, comprehensive, and fresh survey of Beethoven’s symphonies, overtures, concertos, theatrical music, his single ballet and other music for the dance, and several short pieces worth getting to know.
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