MixWithTheMasters Illangelo The weeknd After Hours Inside The Track #61

MixWithTheMasters Illangelo The weeknd After Hours Inside The Track #61

Join us at OCL studios in Alberta for the second MWTM series with Illangelo! In this installment, the Grammy award-winning producer and engineer gives you a detailed mix walkthrough of ‘After Hours’ by the Weeknd. With the Ableton session open, he explores every element of the complex project, demonstrating his workflow and revealing innovative techniques along the way. You’ll see how he used a plethora of tools to build an immersive soundscape with pristine vocals that cut through the instrumental. He shares his elaborate vocal chains, shows how he automates a variety of effects to occur at specific moments, and goes through his mix buss step by step. You’ll learn how he enhances clarity with filters, groove with intricate side-chain compression, and movement with modulation. Further to imparting his methods, Illangelo also discusses the inspiration for the record and its production process!

Ableton workflow, inspiration, groups, filtering, dimensionality, vocal chain, dynamics, oversampling

Vocal tuning, doubles, reverb, delay, saturation, compression, effects automation, modulation

Texture, sub-bass, spreading low end, harmonics, drum buss, side-chaining, clarity, separation

Synth processing, chorus progression, ad-lib effects, intimacy, bridge, outro, other vocal chain

Mix buss treatment, project overview, recap, unique aspects of this record

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