Fred and Co. Music Red Velvet Vol.2

Red Velvet Vol. 2 from Grammy Award Winning singer/songwriter Tiffany Red consists of 16 Pop/R&B inspired vocal loops and one shots. This kit features a variety of adlibs, stacked vocals, and vibey melodic loops. Create some magic with Red Velvet Vol. 2.
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Looptone Electrified Future Pop

'Electrified Future Pop' is all about the hooks with Looptone's latest collection of Royalty-Free loops and one-shots. Put together with producers of Tropical House, Future Bass, Trap, EDM and other commercial Electronic styles in mind.
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Synth Blade CYBERPUNK: Premium Presets for Serum

CYBERPUNK includes 70 high-quality presets for the digital wavetable synth Xfer Records Serum. Every preset has an assigned mod wheel and four useful macros which make it easier for you to customize, perform and automate the sounds.
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Feed Your Soul Music Phraseology Acoustic Piano

Beautifully recorded Yamaha Acoustic Grand Piano using a matched pair of mics setup by Grammy award winning Engineer Qmillion.. Peaceful collection of easy-to-use phrases, chords, single notes, and more. Great for various genres, drop them in your favorite Sampler, chop and replay to make unique phrases.
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Klevgrand Rum

Rum simulates different kinds of rooms – from acoustically treated studio booths to spaces found in an ordinary home. Think of this plug-in as if the audio source was recorded in stereo from the other side of the room, a common technique for recording acoustic instruments in order to breathe life into a dry sound source. In addition to the ten multi-recorded rooms (with different mic settings and characters that can be cross combined) there’s an advanced stereo spread and modulation unit for even more tweakability. This plug-in also comes with low cut and high cut filters, pre-delay (with tempo sync), a full set of factory presets and a built-in ducker making it easy to tame transients on the wet signal.
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Dynasty Loops Bawa Vol.1

Welcome to the Bawa Loops series where we offer the HIGHEST quality world sounds! Here you will find many different Melodic Instrument Loops with inspiration from all over the globe including Middle East, Asia, North America & more! Created by our in-house Live Musicians, all the sounds you hear were recorded from LIVE INSTRUMENTS! No Synths, No Computer, No Digital Sounds, No MIDI, just an instrument & a microphone! Step up your productions today with these unique sounds!
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Freddie Bruno MESS HALL 3

The 3rd installment from my mess hall series with random, sounds, loops and samples! Enjoy the collection but clean up after yourself!
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Aly and Fila Style Push Uplifting Trance FL Studio Template

Aly & Fila Styles & projectThe project in the style of Uplifting Trance. Where the sound of Aly & Fila Details:
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MixWithTheMasters Illangelo The weeknd After Hours Inside The Track #61

Join us at OCL studios in Alberta for the second MWTM series with Illangelo! In this installment, the Grammy award-winning producer and engineer gives you a detailed mix walkthrough of ‘After Hours’ by the Weeknd. With the Ableton session open, he explores every element of the complex project, demonstrating his workflow and revealing innovative techniques along the way. You’ll see how he used a plethora of tools to build an immersive soundscape with pristine vocals that cut through the instrumental. He shares his elaborate vocal chains, shows how he automates a variety of effects to occur at specific moments, and goes through his mix buss step by step. You’ll learn how he enhances clarity with filters, groove with intricate side-chain compression, and movement with modulation. Further to imparting his methods, Illangelo also discusses the inspiration for the record and its production process!
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Lamprey Machine Tribes Hybrid Percussion

Machine Tribes is a percussion library themed around the idea of a dystopian future where robots emulate the music humans used to make, combining real samples with synthesized drums, big-hits, glitches, loops and one-shots - it's great for dark, futuristic tracks or for exciting a composition with intricate percussion.
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Andy Tate Sounds Sylenth1 Soundset By Dima Krasnik

Andy Tate Sounds are proud to present ‘Sylenth1 Soundset By Dima Krasnik’ a great boost of inspiration for every Trance & House producer out there! This is a brand new Sylenth1 preset dedicated to modern trance sounds.
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SoundBreeze Sylenth1 Trance Essentials Vol.2

Soundbreeze collaborated once again with Myloops to bring you Sylenth1 Trance Essentials Vol. 2. This is a soundset of 64 premium Spire Presets, made specifically for uplifting trance, and created by talented artist Soundbreeze.
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SoundBreeze Sylenth1 Trance Essentials Vol.1

Soundbreeze collaborated once again with Myloops to bring you Sylenth1 Trance Essentials Vol. 1. This is a soundset of 64 premium Spire Presets, made specifically for uplifting trance, and created by talented artist Soundbreeze.
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WavSupply Cxdy Go To 2021 2.0 (Drum Kit)

Custom made drum kit created by Cxdy of Internet Money. Contains:
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GLORY style phaser. Tempo sync sinusoidal modulation of the pahser. The WIDTH knob can be used to open space. The modulation of the right and left channels can also be inverted. This gives an interesting experience phaser. Use the DRY / WET knob to determine the ratio of the wet signal.
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