JTC Kirk Fletcher Improvising The Blues Boxset

JTC Kirk Fletcher Improvising The Blues Boxset

Master three distinctive styles of the blues and add over 100 stylish licks to your playing catalogue all within Kirk Fletcher’s Improvising the Blues: Box Set.

Step up your emotive improvisation chops from 0 - 100 as Kirk Fletcher shows you the key secrets to unlocking the bluesy pathways around the fretboard. Spanning across three distinctive volumes, you’ll have no shortage of blues licks on tap.

It all starts with Volume 1: Shuffle, where Kirk shows you how to both modernise and pay homage to the classic sound of the blues. Volume 2 picks up the pace with toe-tapping tracks designed to get your fingers moving, while Volume 3 contrasts that with raw “feel” deep rooted in the blues and minor pentatonic scale.

For each volume, Kirk performs a range of improvised licks and flawlessly jams his way through 3 full solos. In total, you’ll have the chance to master 102 licks as well as 9 complete solos with backings for every single lick.

Also included in the box set are lick backings, solo backings, full jam tracks, tab/notation and explanation theory notes.

Improve your improvising repertoire with Kirk Fletcher, and dig into the roots of guitar playing across three volumes packed with blues goodness.

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