Jammcard Samples StringCandy Pop Quartet Stacks

StringCandy: Pop Quartet Stacks offers an expansive collection of expertly recorded string arrangements, hooks, melodies, song-starting kits, and textures loaded with boundless vibes for all things pop and beyond. This collection was written by the prolific StringCandy, and performed by StringCandy founder Stephanie Matthews (Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, John Legend) with an all-female quartet.
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Henney Major 808 Mafia Drumkit Vol.1

All the sounds that i use + my 3 loops some of sounds i made myself- 16 808's - 18 snaares & claps - 16 hi-hats and open hats - 4 kicks - 3 loops - 8 hi-hat and snare midis
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Soundbox House Spectrum

Soundbox return on the back of another award winning sample collection with a brand new series titled House Spectrum. This pack favours the whole Spectrum of House genres with the intention of keeping things deep, tightly produced and ready to drop into your favourite DAW. From the pounding dance floors to the hyped charts, House Spectrum will appease your creative urges. All loops and samples have a touch of processing so song starting becomes quick and seamless, ideal for keeping your work vibe to a maximum. All music parts have been key labelled and BPM sync’d so mix and match or use them to bolster your existing productions.
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Lost Cause Sample Pack Vol.4

Includes massive collection of samples of different projects with massive presets etc.
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The Kount Kount Drums Vol.3

The war is over...wack drums lost. Introducing Kount Drums Volume 3, an army of overpowered drums at your command.
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WavSupply Countach Quattro (Loop Kit)

15 x Loop Construction Kits And Midis from Countach.
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Jason Rich Jason Rich Kit 1

18 808's10 Kicks 44 Snares 21 Claps
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Jason Rich Jason Rich Kit 2

13 808's15 Kicks 26 Snares 5 Claps
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Jason Rich Jason Rich Kit 3

- 21 808's- 8 Claps - 13 Crashes - 13 Drum Loops
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Jason Rich Jason Rich Kit 4

- 27 808's- 95 Acapellas - 8 Claps - 14 Drum Loops
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Ricx Raid Sample Library

"RAID" Sample Pack contains 16 unique compositions created by various members of "Persian Kids" All files are WAV and BPM labeled.
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StudioPlug Canary Julz Gucci (Midi Kit)

Contains 40 High-Quality Midi Files from Canary Julz.
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Based1 RARE! (Drum Kit)

**BASED1 GO TO DRUM KIT** 300+ High Quality drum sounds created/curated and used by Based1
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Alecto Amavasya (Drum Kit)

15 x 808s + 9 x HiHat Midis7 x Claps + 15 x Essential Loops 9 x Hihats and Open Hats + 7 x Kicks 7 x Percs And FXs + 10 x Snare And Rims + 2 x Vocal Chops
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Sound On Sound UK May 2021

Reviews: Roland Juno 60 soft synth Warm Audio WA-87 R2 mic Korg SQ-64 sequencer Shure MV7 mic Rupert Neve Designs 5254 compressor Melodium 42Bn mic OS Acoustics DBS8 monitors M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49 controller Leapwing Audio Al Schmitt Embody Immerse Virtual Studio TK Audio T-Komp Golden Gear: AKG D19 mic Toontrack Gospel EZX & EBX miniDSP SHD Power amplifier Waves CLA Epic & Vocal Bender plug-ins PreSonus Analog Effects Collection VSL Synchron Strings Pro & Synchron Percussion libraries UJAM Virtual Drummer DEEP Cinematic Studio Woodwinds library - and tons more!
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