WA Production Ear Training Course

WA Production Ear Training Course

In this ear training course we are looking at a few easy exercises for producers, to strengthen the ability to spot errors in the mixdown. Following these exercises daily will train your ears in no time.

Video 1 - EQ Training (02:52)

The first segment of ear training is perceiving EQ changes. For this matter, we are simply scanning over a reference track with various filters, and experiment with different settings.

Video 2 - Binaural Spectrum (07:33)

Secondly, we are learning to spot differences in the binaural spectrum. This is an exercise guaranteed to trick even to most experienced engineers and change your perspective of panning position.

Video 3 - Dynamics (02:44)

Lastly, we are developing our understanding in dynamics. Controlling the dynamics of a mix, is a sure way to make your productions sound polished and professional.

Video 4 - Training Harmony (15:39) & Video 5 - Training Rhytm (15:24)

The course also includes two remaking practices to help you expand your understanding as a producer, by learning to remake harmonies and rhythm. A simple yet effective way to train your producer skill effectively!

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