Komorebi Audio Trance Wave And Midtempo Glitch

Trance Wave & Midtempo Glitch is a hybrid sample pack taking influence from current Wave, Hardwave and Midtempo production styles. Futuristic EDM drums, dystopian pads and cyberpunk inspired basslines can be heard throughout this pack while resampled real world instruments such as kalimba and guitar provide respite from the electronic onslaught.
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Four4 Dark Warehouse Techno

Hypnotic and moody: Dark Warehouse Techno continues to explore the ominous sounds of warehouse techno. Packed with obscure melodics, thumping drum rhythms, and analog synthetics, Dark Warehouse Techno is an essential addition for your warehouse bangers.
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Dropgun Samples Ultimate Hybrid Trap

"Ultimate Hybrid Trap" is one of the most powerful weapons on the market! A huge team of producers/sound designers tried to make it super unique and collected the best sounds in one pack! If you are a Trap producer this pack is all you need to make your future banger!
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DopeBoyzMuzic Azure Dreams Vocal Library

The Azure Dreams Vocal Library is a collection of 300+ custom vocal runs, adlibs, chants and phrases recorded by artist, singer & songwriter Maor Mo using only top notch equipment (U87, Avalon 737, Apollo) to ensure professional, high quality recordings. You'll find dry runs as well as harmonized runs and heavily edited and altered vocal textures that will instantly spark your creativity. Breath life into your tracks by adding soulful vocal runs and melodic one-shots. All files come in 24bit / stereo / wav formatting compatible with every DAW and drum maschine and 100% royalty free.
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Splice Sounds Organic Electronics 3 by J.Views

In Organic Electronics 3, J.Views levels up his unique approach to downtempo and lo-fi with acoustic and electronic guitar loops recorded to tape, disco song-starters, cassette sparkles, dazzling keys, and way more. Not to mention plenty of Sylenth presets to get you started and one-shots to chop twist, and turn into your own.
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Splice Sessions Senegalese Zouk

Earning its French Antillean Créole name from nightlong dance parties on the islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique, zouk music blends a variety of Caribbean, African, and North American music styles including soul, R&B, disco, merengue, rumba, soukous, salsa, and compas. Recorded at La Boutique Studios Dakar, this pack explores zouk from a specific Senegalese lens, as this style is now popular in Dakar clubs.
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Dvtchie New Porsche Midi Pack

10 808 Midis10 Hi hat Midis In the style of Southside, Pyrex Whippa, Future, Pierre Bourne, Wheezy, Turbo, Gunna, etc.
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Soundiron Disco 6000

Soundiron's Disco 6000 captures the historic sounds of the fascinating Solton Disco 64. This analog synthesizer/drum machine was manufactured in Germany between 1978-1982 in a partnership with Ketron. This is early Italo Disco in a box! It has two SSM2040 filters in it, which were used in early iterations of the famous Sequential Circuits Prophet 5. This gives it a recognizable fat analog tone. It includes 36 keys on the removable keyboard, as well as a variety of knobs and buttons to trigger the drum machine. Disco 6000 has preset rhythmic drum loops, as well as synth sustains and staccatos. We recorded the instrument articulations in wide stereo and direct line in. After that, we hand-crafted twenty evolving atmospheric pads from the source content to make this party more bodacious. If you’re looking for warm funky grooves and radical synths to compose your next 1980 dance track, look no further than Disco 6000.
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Producer Loops Commercial Pop House Vol.1

'Commercial Pop House Vol 1' by Producer Loops delivers 5 ultra-modern construction kits which perfectly capture the current array of vocal sounds utilized in the latest chart-topping Pop House smashes! Influenced by the vocal chops of artists such as MEDUZA, Becky Hill, Regard, Gorgon City, and Loud Luxury - this pack boasts a unique set of builds, breakdowns and drops that will aid in taking your house beats to the next level.
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Get Down Samples Piano House Grooves Vol.1

Piano House Grooves, a selection of House Music Piano and Basslines to help create your next Soulful, Tech, Future, Nu Disco or Jacking House anthem Piano House Grooves contains 300 MB of content with 80 individual 24 bit Wav Files and comes complete with 40 classic and current sounding Piano loops and Basslines with accompanying midi files for each Piano & Bass loop to make for the perfect production
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TrakTrain 2Late4Me Part 2 Guitar Loop Pack by IOF

IOF presents the long-awaited sequel to the best-selling “2Late4Me” Guitar Loop Kit on the Traktrain Store! It contains 170 audio files of live-recorded guitar, with 52 directories that have several loops which can be used together on top of each other. Additionally, the author included a mixed preview of all of the samples for each folder.
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TrakTrain 2late4me Guitar Loop Kit

In this Guitar Loop Kit, IOF provides 45 heartbreaking multi-layered guitar loops perfect for making Smrtdeath, Ghostmane and Lil Peep type beats. Deeply emotional, intense guitar riffs are the main theme of this kit. Beautifully processed and expertly played. IOF’s loops are perfect for anyone who loves making beats. Similar to the latest Lil Peep, Smrtdeath or SuicideBoy. Regardless of the artist or genre, these loops will blend seamlessly into any mix you throw them into.
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TrakTrain Bleech Stem Kit by Rioretti

For over 10 years producer Rioretti has honed his music producing craft into a unique blend of hip hop, electronic and trap. He presents you with a 20 Pack of Stem Loops which he proclaims are his greatest instrumentals. You will find a pleasant mixture, tasteful mixture of piano, pads, leads and plucks. His unique approach to his music gives you limitless musical directions for you to experiment with. Featuring instruments, drums and FX Rioretti provides you with everything you need to produce timeless music too.
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Splice Sounds Malay Sample Pack

Malay is a Grammy-winning producer and record engineer who has worked with the likes of Frank Ocean, John Legend, and Sam Smith. His sample pack features sounds that reflect his signature vibe, spanning melancholy melodies, lo-fi drums, and more.
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ONA Sounds RnB HOOKS 'N BRIDGES Vol.1 Cashmere Threat

This topline vocal kit features a full prechorus, chorus and bridge in the smoothed out vocals of LEONA. You can use these acapella vocals in any way you choose. The leads and background sections are all separated and offered in stereo WET and DRY options. You can use full phrasing to start a song with vocals, you can sample some phrasing of the leads, or the backs. You can use the the offered sections as leads as well as hooks. There are infinite levels of possibility for how you can use, chop, screw, mangle and throw fx on these vocal stems. The Demo shows the vocals against a track, but there is NO INSTRUMENTATION in this release. These are acapella vocals only in the key of A major, at 94 bpm. You may not credit LEONA on any songs using these vocals without her express written permission. LEONA is a singer/songwriter/actress who has been seen on television and stages across America. Track used in the demo is by Luke Austin of Lounge Lizards
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