Skillshare Learn Piano - Adding Life To Simple Chords

Just like any other skill, learning piano takes time, but that doesn't mean you're stuck playing elementary sounding music while you're still learning your craft. This lesson offers several tips and techniques to add life to simple chords you probably already know. Come check it out!
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Skillshare How to start studying piano successfully

Maybe you are already taking piano lessons but there is something that is not working.
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Udemy Classical Guitar Essentials The Basics Part 1

First steps in playing classical guitar and start your journey as musician!

This course will teach you the Basic principles of playing Classical Guitar
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Kadenze Reinventing the Piano Session 2.1

The piano remains one of the great achievements of musical instrument design and has long served as a primary creative tool for musicians worldwide. In this course, we will look at how the piano’s design touches on a range of diverse topics, like: where musical scales come from and how the piano’s design impacts creativity; the expressive relationship between various keyboard instrument designs; the extraordinary range of color that emerges when we listen closely to how various intervals can be tuned, and in turn the choices we need to make when tuning a keyboard instrument.
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Skillshare Piano Songs: Amazing Grace

This class you are going to learn how to play this beautiful and traditional Christian song called Amazing Grace.

Improve your music reading, your piano playing and have fun while you learn to play this beautiful song.
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MusicTech Logic Pro X Summer 2016

Logic Pro X Summer 2016 is a special MusicTech Focus dedicated to Apple Logic, the number-one DAW for music production. We’ve gone all out to bring you a comprehensive round up of all things Logic in this special issue – with all new workshops from our Logic expert Mark Cousins, who deals with advanced features on compression and mixing.
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Skillshare Piano on your bucket list? Play any song you want to, in an hour!

Using intuitively simple shapes and patterns, discover how to play songs in just an hour (side stepping common barriers to playing, such as having to read music). Designed to be just long enough to give you exactly the knowledge you need, yet manageably short enough that you actually complete it (no filler) it really is possible in just one hour to learn enough to have a lifetime of fun and enjoyment actually playing. I know it's a really tall claim, the reviews
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Ted Mackenzie The Ultimate Drummer's Workout

Here's a revolutionary new way to improve your stick technique through the use of brushes. The secret is simple: since brushes don't bounce like sticks do, wrist control and grip have to be much more precise and controlled to achieve the same effect.
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Streamworks Audio SWA Complete Melodyne Studio 4

In this video, Karl Rose takes an in-depth look at Celemony’s Melodyne 4.

He starts with an overview of the interface and basic concept of the program. From there discover how to import, transfer, and record audio material into both the standalone and plugin versions, before moving on to an in-depth look at the main work area, the note pane, and the various algorithms used for note detection.
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Streamworks Audio SWA Complete Wavelab Pro 9

Wavelab 9 is the latest incarnation of Steinberg’s world-class audio editing masterpiece. Wavelab is arguably one of the most powerful and sophisticated audio editing platforms in the world. Wavelab is for all intents and purposes more like five advanced programs flying in tight formation. While it’s best known for audio editing, montage, and mastering; it also includes some of the finest audio analysis and restoration tools, a full podcasting production suite and some of the most capable scripting and batch processing tools available. All in one software package. And version nine captures all of this with a new look and feel that’s the most streamlined and straightforward yet.
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Streamworks Audio SWA Kickstart Cubase Elements 8

Our series of 14 step-by-step tutorial videos on the latest version of Steinberg’s entry-level DAW begins with an introduction to the Steinberg Hub and the specifics of how to set its visibility in the Preferences. Then, we get into Cubase Elements itself, analysing its project folder structure and starting a new project by adding a range of track types: MIDI, Audio, Instrument, etc.
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Ask Video FORM 101 NI FORM Explored and Explained

FORM is one of the killer new instruments in the Komplete 11 collection and Matt Cellitti is here to show you how to get the most out of it! There’s lots to show, so sit back and learn Native Instruments' FORM with Matt!

FORM literally turns the art of sampling on its “ear” and unlocks a world of creativity that is unsurpassed… if you know how to use it!
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Ask Video DJing with Live 101 DJing with Live Essentials

Ableton Live is the DAW for DJs. But where do you begin? What setup techniques and skills do you have to master? No worries because this introductory course by the acclaimed DJ Kiva explains it all! Learn from the best: DJ Kiva!
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Professional Audio Oktober 2016

Focusrite Scarlett 18i20
Focusrite geht mit seiner günstigen Scarlett-Serie in die zweite Generation. Wir haben das Flaggschiff-Modell Scarlett 18i20 mk II getestet, das an analogen und digitalen Ein- und Ausgängen so ziemlich alles mitbringt, was im Projektstudio für vielkanalige Aufnahmen benötigt wird.
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Audible Genius Syntorial Cakewalk Z3TA+ 2 Lesson Pack

The Cakewalk Z3TA+ 2 Lesson Pack adds 37 videos, totaling 3 Hours and 17 minutes. Each video demonstrates how to apply everything you’ve learned in Syntorial, on Z3TA+ 2. Get to know Z3TA+ 2’s ins and outs, and take advantage of the endless sonic manipulations it has to offer.
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