How To Make It in the New Music Business Practical Tips on Building a Loyal Following and Making a Living as a Musician

"Ari is at the front of the front. He gets it. I've read a hundred how-to-make-it-in-the-music-biz books, and this one is today's definitive, comprehensive manual." ―Jack Conte, 150+ million YouTube views, Pomplamoose, CEO of Patreon
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Audio Production and Critical Listening  Technical Ear Training, Second Edition

Audio Production and Critical Listening: Technical Ear Training, Second Edition develops your critical and expert listening skills, enabling you to listen to audio like an award-winning engineer. Featuring an accessible writing style, this new edition includes information on objective measurements of sound, technical descriptions of signal processing, and their relationships to subjective impressions of sound. It also includes information on hearing conservation, ear plugs, and listening levels, as well as bias in the listening process.
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Udemy CAGED System for Guitar (Guitar Lessons from Lutz Academy)

Master the Fretboard

This course will cover the complete CAGED system, including:
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Udemy Play Piano 9 Improvise on The Way You Look Tonight Chords

Play and Improvise on chord progression of The Way You look Tonight in C Key & Eb Key. Learn Key Modulation changing key

2-5 Power Chords are found in many standards and popular movie themes. They make rich full sounds that will captivate your audience wanting more.
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Lynda Finale 2014 Essential Training

If you've always wanted to notate your songs and compositions and print your music for rehearsals and live performances, this is the course for you. Finale 2014 is the recognized standard application used by musicians of all levels to compose, arrange, and publish music. Join composer Rick Schmunk and learn how to notate musical scores that range from simple lead sheets or guitar tablature to detailed scores that even include video. Discover how to enter notes, lyrics, chord symbols, and tab, and use Score Manager and linked parts to save time formatting your score. Want to be even more efficient? Learn how to use SmartFind and Paint to add markings like articulations and expressions. Rick also reveals the secrets to notating drum set and other rhythm section parts. Finally, he shows how to export MIDI, XML, and graphic formats like PDF and EPUB, so you can work with your scores in other publishing and editing programs or simply share your work with colleagues.
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The Mixing Engineer's Handbook 4th Edition by Bobby Owsinski

Mixing music--the process of combining and shaping the component parts of a song into a polished, completed recording--was once considered an unteachable art. The first edition of Bobby Owsinski's The Mixing Engineer's Handbook destroyed that myth forever, breaking the craft of mixing down into discrete, understandable steps and showing musicians, audio engineers, and producers exactly how to get great results in the studio. The book has since become the go-to text on mixing for recording programs in colleges and universities around the world. Now available in a completely revised fourth edition, The Mixing Engineer's Handbook remains the best, most up-to-date source for mastering the art and science of creating pro-quality mixes
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GuitarZoom Steve Stine's Guitar Solo Made Easy

Guitar Solos Made Easy is a 7 module online course by the world’s most sought after guitar instructor, Steve Stine.

He’s famous for his ability to quickly help guitarists overcome obstacles and rapidly advance their playing to a level they never dreamed possible.
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Udemy Fast Track Drums For Absolute Beginners No Kit Required

Learn to play drums today with a professional teacher with over 1000x lesson experience.

Hey! I'm Mike. This is my Fast Track drum course designed for absolute, complete total beginners.
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Groove3 Songwriting and Producing with Toontrack Dream Pop

In this video tutorial series, Toontrack guru Luke Oswald and vocal extraordinaire Spencer Hansen return, and this time create a stunning Dream Pop song from scratch, using only Toontrack products and a DAW. See it built from nothing, all the way to mix and master!
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Groove3 Logic Pro X 10.3 Update Explained

Eli Krantzberg serves up in-depth video tutorials on the hot new Logic Pro X release, version 10.3. See and hear all the cool new features and functions, and how to use them in your productions. Get up to speed fast!

Eli starts with the new graphical changes, followed by videos on track alternatives, region automation, selection based processing, the new stereo panning options and mixer enhancements.
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Sonic Academy How To Use Valhalla Vintage Verb with Paolo Mojo

Sonic welcomes back Paolo Mojo for another all-new course How To Use Valhalla Vintage Verb.

This highly acclaimed plugin, that won't break the bank is defined by it's three Colour modes. These use internal downsampling and modulation shaping to replicate three different 'eras': 1970s gives a fantastic low-fi texture, 1980s has increased quality but still has that slightly gritty feel, and Now gives you today's crisp, clean sound.
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CreativeLive  Fix it in the Mix with Kurt Ballou

The best way to get a great recording is to start with great source material, but that’s not always possible. Occasionally you are stuck with a less-than-perfect recording and the only thing you can do is to try and clean it up.
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Lynda Pro Tools 12 Essential Training 101 TUTORiAL

Unlock the power of Pro Tools. In collaboration with Avid Technology (the makers of Pro Tools), we have teamed up with Frank D. Cook, Avid Master Instructor and author of the Pro Tools 101 course book, to create Pro Tools 12 Essential Training: 101. Frank translates Avid's official training into an online course covering all of the fundamentals necessary to get started using Pro Tools with confidence. The lessons are designed to help you overcome the challenge of the software and get you started creating your own sessions and final mixes. Frank starts by explaining some basic concepts of digital audio and providing an overview of the Pro Tools software. He quickly moves into creating a Pro Tools session and recording tracks, including importing media and working with MIDI. He then demonstrates how to select, navigate, and edit audio within Pro Tools 12. The course wraps up by demonstrating basic mixing and automation techniques, creating a session backup, and bouncing down a final mix. You'll also get some of Frank's favorite tips and tricks for using Pro Tools in a real-world audio production workflow.
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Xtant Audio Mastering Kontakt Scripting

If you’re new to the world of Kontakt scripting and want to go from zero to hero, novice to ninja, Padawan to Jedi, or – insert desired progression here – this is the course for you. In over twenty hours of video you’ll become and expert in the fundamentals of Kontakt scripting and quickly progress to the most advanced techniques used daily by professionals.
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Karma Lab House 101 Combi Creation Series

This fantastic video tutorial series is the easiest way to learn about the many features of your M3! Within the "real-world" context of developing and editing a combi, you'll be introduced to nearly all facets of the M3, from selecting and zoning programs, adding and configuring effects, assigning KARMA features to configuring all the sliders and left-hand controllers.
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