Complete Technique for Modern Guitar: 3rd Edition

Complete Technique for Modern Guitar: 3rd Edition

The guitar has evolved into a complex instrument and you'll require a complete complete control of its extensive techniques to stay relevant as a modern musician.

Luckily, every single essential technique used by modern guitarists is explained, taught and mastered in Complete Technique for Modern Guitar.

Do you struggle with picking?
Do you need to smooth out and speed up your legato?
Do you want to be the master of rhythmic placement
Do you want to know the secrets of being an expressive, powerful guitar player?
Do you want to build speed, control and precision on guitar

The perfect guitar technique solution in one complete method
Complete Technique for Modern Guitar has the answers you're looking for.

This complete course teaches every minute detail of the following core guitar techniques.

Perfect, clean picking
Fast, powerful and smooth legato
Rhythmic accuracy and pin point note placement
Beautiful bends, slides, slurs and harmonics

With over 200 useful, digestible, exercises, this is the complete guitar technique course that will instantly, and permanently boost your guitar technique.

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