Ocean Veau Analog (ElectraX Bank)

This time around Ocean Veau brings to you the Analog XP & Drum Kit. This XP & Kit were inspired by the old, classic, warm feel of analog recordings we all know and love. If you are looking to add a vintage feel to your production then the Analog XP & Kit are perfect for you!
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Atze Ton Proper Techno Sample Pack 2020

Currently considered as one of the rising stars on the global Techno scene, Atze Ton has rapidly gained fame and respect thanks to the incredible musical successes he has achieved through the years, becoming known for the gloomy and dark sensations that envelop his unique sound, created from a precise blending of powerful, rhythmic old- school beats with industrial percussion and heavy basslines.
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Kingsway Music Library ILLNGHT Vol.1

This library features 12 original samples that are musically diverse and inspiring, covering a range of different moods. The collection features a wide range of sounds combining vintage analog synths and modern synths for a hybrid experience.
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Kana Senpai 5K Editing Pack

Included: - 794 Sound Files
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Pedro Paes Eternal Sample Chops

''Eternal'' Sample Chops comes with 30 BRAND NEW SAMPLES inspired by new Lil Uzi Vert albums ''Eternal Atake'', 'LUV vs. The World 2'' and artists like:
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The Life of Johannes Brahms (Volume 1&2): Complete Edition

The Life of Johannes Brahms in two volumes is a well researched biography of famous composer, written by his student Florence May. The biographical materials have been gathered chiefly in the course of several Continental journeys the author undertook with Brahms. The goal of the work was to present the biographical account of composer's life, and to help the regular music-lover to get acquainted with Brahms' life, not getting into technical analysis of his compositions.
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Wavvy The Essentials Drum Kit

120+ High Quality Sounds to make your production next level.I use all of these sounds everyday to make beats. 12 808s
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Splice Sounds Xanders Specialty Splice Sounds Pack

Xander is a producer based in Boston who creates tracks that effortlessly blend electronic and organic timbres. His sample pack brings a collection of introspective sounds that span laid-back grooves, versatile synth one-shots, unique foley samples, and more.
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Splice Sounds Mike Hawkins Presets

Hi there! I’m happy to give you my brand new preset pack for Serum! Steve Duda did an amazing job with this synth, and it’s one of the all-round most flexible ones I can think of, so it only felt natural for me to use it to recreate the vibes that I feel make records fantastic. In this pack you’ll find 64 original synth presets built from the ground up. Some of them might sound “weird” at first listen (or in your particular track), however you can be sure that they all have been carefully crafted with a particular idea in mind.
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OwnHammer Impulse Response Libraries 412 ZLCS V30 MMMC

The "412 ZLCS" is based on a custom shop, unique specification commissioned Zilla™ 4x12 cabinet.
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Ghost Syndicate Outsider House

We bring back the golden era of the house and techno with a unique experimental twist on our new ‘Outsider House’ sample library. Packed with nostalgic synths and pads, a grainy FX section, dusty vocal loops, shuffled stripped drum loops, one shot drums and plenty of speaker splitting bass loops, this one is sure to give you a very warm and unique taste of the timeless house and techno rhythms to keep your head knocking.
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Ghost Syndicate Nami Artist Pack

Ghost Syndicate is proud to present a brand new entry in our Artist Sample Pack series, this time delivered to you by no other than NAMI - drum & bass guru based in St. Petersburg, Russia.
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Ghost Syndicate Momentum

Ghost Syndicate presents yet another chapter of the never-ending journey into the 4/4 cosmos with MOMENTUM: a fresh and reviving sample collection for making Dub House & Techno.
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Ghost Syndicate Smoke

Take a stroll down the gritty concrete streets of London with Ghost Syndicate’s new sample pack ‘Smoke’: a collection of hard hitting UK drill drum samples, dirty 808’s and dark melodies.
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Ghost Syndicate Shinigami

Switch to the dark side now if you haven’t already, cos we’ve got new samples: this time around bearing the name of no other than God of Death himself: Enter SHINIGAMI - Ghost Syndicate’s mighty new collection sporting the finest authentic Dubstep vibes multiplied by the unmistakable polished production: razor-sharp beats with serrated crickety hats & shuffling tops, gut-punching subs and trippy growling mids, spine-chilling atmospheres and foreboding synths, a selection of custom musical licks with a sleek Asian feel and, finally, an array of glitchy FX to keep the whole thing interesting.
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