Psychic Modulation VectoMelt2

Windows / Mac
Psychic Modulation VectoMelt2

VectoMelt2 is a multi-FX modulation plugin that brings your sounds to life with tonal texture, spatial drifting, and ethereal atmosphere. A dub-friendly environment for sonic exploration, VectoMelt2 uses an XY Melt Vector that can be set on auto-pilot for pitch glitches, resonant blips and filter swirls. The onboard effects provide lush choruses, filter sweeping and washed out echoes. Add in some LoFi vibe with a dedicated knob that gives you just the right amount of satisfying crunch.



- XY modulation vector.
- Flow and Flutter: Analog-style drifting, instability and random fluctuations that are mixed at two different speeds using the X axis.
- Multiple targets for modulation include: Pitch, Amp, Phltr and Echo; Y axis controls the overall mod depth.
- AutoMod: A modulator for the XY pad made up of Orbit (to circle the XY point), and Jump (to jump out of orbit sporadically).
- Multi-FX include:

- Chorus: A lush chorus with multi-voice stereo spread.
- Phltr: A unique filter with phaser like qualities.
- Echo: A dub-style delay unit.
- Lo-Fi: A single control for band-splitting saturation.

- Sub Presets for each FX section.
- Randomization controls for each FX section.
- Custom GUI scaling.
- Intuitive patch management system.
- Several presets to get you started.

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