Boom Bap Labs Johnny Slash King of Swords 5 (Compositions and Stems)

Yes the man is back with his powerful catalogue and tonight he offers his new opus, King of Swords Vol 5. KING OF SWORDS VOL 5 is a pack full of aggressive, dark, and obscure samples inspired by Johnny's love for film OST’s and movie monsters! A beat makers must have! With 10 total samples fully composed by Johnny Slash himself, with the options of stems included! This is a must have pack! Take a listen to the demo if you're not convinced! All files are in universal WAV format at 44.1 kHz sample rate and 16 bits resolution.
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Wax Cartel Warning Shots

The team at Wax Cartel has partnered with Oakland based producer Sndtrak to design our first drum kit, Warning Shots. Sndtrak is a beat battle specialist who is the reigning 2-time champion of the "Smack Pack Beat Competition" hosted by Ski Beats. This kit displays his signature sound of punchy kicks, crisp snares, and drum fills.
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AngelicVibes The Watchers Massive Bank

Check out the new "The Watchers" Massive Preset Bank! This is your chance to re-load your NI Massive Soft Synth VST with a crazy huge amount of cutting edge sounds perfect for your next Hip Hop, Trap, Rap or even EDM & House Tracks! These high quality presets are essentially plumping up your current soundbank with the freshest and clearest sounds!
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Kinema Sounds Tambourine 3 Modern Tambourine

78 loops at the following BPMs: 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, and 150 Recorded in Kinema Audio's incredible Studio 2 (formerly a cinema auditorium) with a C414 BULS pair recorded into Neve 1073 Preamps.
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CLARO BEATS French Vibes Vol.3

French Vibes Vol. 3 is out now. 20 Melodies inspiring from all the best artist in France.
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Signal Path Ayoni Soulful Vocals

The team at Splice's Sound Factory had the honor of recording a vocal pack with Barbadian-born artist Ayoni, a true star on the rise. Based in Los Angeles, the singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist is redefining what pop music can be. Having lived in America, Indonesia, and Singapore, she draws her inspiration from a rich musical soundscape informed by these beautiful cultures.
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Outby16 Drum Kit

Custom & some exported straight from beats for songs like Lethal Presence, IHYWLFM & more. Have funnnn
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Rafal Kulik Space Chillout Vol.4

Space Chillout Vol 4 is a collection developed by Rafal Kulik. Stacked with inspirational, warm and inventive pads, atmospheres, arps, synths and effect sounds.
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Earth to West Music Psychology Presents 1 000 Positive Affirmations for Singers EPUB MOBI AZW3

Music Psychology Presets: 1,000 Positive Affirmations for Singers" is an empowering and transformative guide tailored for vocalists delving into the intricate realm of music psychology. Within its pages lies a treasury of affirmations meticulously crafted to nurture the mindset, confidence, and emotional resilience of singers. Drawing from the fusion of psychology and musical artistry, this book serves as a companion, offering a thousand uplifting mantras and affirmations specifically curated to inspire vocalists on their journey. Through the power of positive reinforcement, it aims to enhance self-belief, fortify performance prowess, and foster a harmonious connection between mind, body, and voice. Whether tackling stage fright, honing vocal techniques, or cultivating a resilient mindset, these affirmations resonate as a transformative force, guiding singers towards their full creative potential.
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Earth to West Music Psychology Presents 1 000 Positive Affirmations for Pianists

1,000 Positive Affirmations for Pianists is a transformative guide that nurtures the hearts and minds of pianists on their musical journey. This book is a symphony of uplifting affirmations crafted to inspire mastery, foster resilience, and infuse each keystroke with passion and joy. It's a heartfelt companion that encourages the pursuit of excellence, mindfulness in practice, and a harmonious relationship with music, aimed to elevate pianists' artistry and fulfillment at every stage of their pursuit.
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Earth to West Music Psychology Presents 1 000 Positive Affirmations for Guitarists

Explore the transformative power of music with '1,000 Affirmations for Guitarists,' a collection crafted to resonate with guitar enthusiasts at every strum. This book intertwines positivity and musicality, offering affirmations that empower, inspire, and celebrate the profound bond between musicians and their guitars. Discover a harmonious blend of encouragement and creativity, designed to elevate your musical journey and infuse each chord with passion and joy.
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Psychic Modulation VectoMelt2

VectoMelt2 is a multi-FX modulation plugin that brings your sounds to life with tonal texture, spatial drifting, and ethereal atmosphere. A dub-friendly environment for sonic exploration, VectoMelt2 uses an XY Melt Vector that can be set on auto-pilot for pitch glitches, resonant blips and filter swirls. The onboard effects provide lush choruses, filter sweeping and washed out echoes. Add in some LoFi vibe with a dedicated knob that gives you just the right amount of satisfying crunch.
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Earth to West Music Psychology Presents 1 000 Positive Affirmations for Rappers

Elevate Your Rap Game with Positive Affirmations! Introducing Music Psychology Presents: 1,000 Positive Affirmations for Rappers" – the ultimate companion for hip-hop artists and lyricists looking to harness the power of positivity in their creative journey.
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Earth to West Music Psychology Presents 1 000 Positive Affirmations for Producers and Engineers EPUB MOBI AZW3

In the creative and technical realms of music production and audio engineering, the journey can be both thrilling and challenging. "1,000 Positive Affirmations for Producers and Engineers" is a book that serves as an invaluable source of motivation and inspiration for those who make music come to life behind the scenes. Written with a deep understanding of the unique pressures and creative hurdles these professionals face, this book offers a comprehensive collection of affirmations to boost confidence, spark creativity, and cultivate a positive mindset. Whether you're a seasoned producer or a budding engineer, this book is your daily companion, guiding you through the ups and downs of the music production process, and helping you harness the power of self-belief to create your best work. With its thousand affirmations, this book is a testament to the transformative power of positivity in the world of music production and engineering.
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Psychic Modulation Electro Expansion Pack

Electro is an expansion pack for PulseCode containing over 300 multi-layered Synth Drum Elements, 256 Drum Presets and a bank of 128 PulseCode patches. The Elements are built from 12-bit samples that can be mixed with dirty 8-bit counterparts for a unique contrast of character. This expansion pack is perfect for Techno, Minimal Wave and Old-School Electro styles.
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