Synthblitz Audio Nitroflex

Synthblitz Audio Nitroflex

Nitroflex 2 is a unique wavetable synthesizer that offers a virtually unlimited number of high quality waveforms, with the power to recreate any type of sound needed either in the modern digital studio, or in a live environment.


1200 Presets from simple piano to complex synth,bass and pad.
4 stereo wavetable oscillators + 1 VA oscillator.
Waveform "scanning" and "index" for unlimited use of ext.waveform.
Up to 16 waveform for each wavetable.
196 internal waveform + over 500 in folder supplied.
64 wavetable presets (editable).
Mathematical operations applicable to waveforms and wavetables.
Edit panel for load shape and obtain the desired wavetables.
Save "Single Cycle Waveform"
2 filters serial or parallel mode.
7 modulation envelopes.
3 LFO's multi-function with sync or free mode.
FM section for 2 oscillators.
Unison up to 7 voices and new algo
Reverb, chorus, phaser, distortion, echo.
32 step gate-seq.
3 band Parametric EQ.
OUT interface with L/R delay and final tuning for high and bass.
Special multi-function and multi-information display.
Preset Browser List.
pre-Waveform configuration Points.
Stereo oscillators with individual pan control.
Tracking keybord for decay,volume and filters.
Chords Generator for add octaves or complex chords

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