8UP Gigabot 2: SFX

More bad robots, even a robot dragon. AndÖan alien?! Oh waitÖ This pack contains sound effect samples with variations. All sounds were created from scratch, no games were sampled.
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Concept Samples Melodic Pop Chords

'Melodic Pop Chords' by Concept Samples features a collection of sounds, developed for producers of Pop music. Inside you will find a selection of Chords, Leads, Basses, Growls and more, all developed for futuristic Pop music productions.
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Intersys Melodic Psy Presets for Serum Vol.2

InterSys proudly presents - Vol. 2 of our exclusive and extensive melodic psytrance Serum sound pack. This pack will give you the right tools to create perfect melodic psytrance, InterSys style.
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Samples Choice Lil Trap

Samples Choice is glad to present: Lil Trap. The pack contains 185 exclusive samples with 808 basses, piano loops, tape keys, bells, synths, pad loops, drum loops, top loops, kick loops, snare loops, hi-hats loops, and many more. Inspired by the best trap artists like Lil Baby, Baby Keen, Joyner Lucas, Travis Scott, Meek Mill, CashMoneyAP, the pack contains 7 kits with main beats, keys beats without drums, and every single instrument layered for full control to build more and more melodies. Also suitable for Drill, Lo-Fi, Hip Hop, and many more styles. Pack details: 185 x wav 44.1 khz 24-bit All files are royalty-free and ready to work on all major music software. Other genres that this package may be useful in: Lo-fi Hip Hop Bass Music
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Databroth Compound

COMPOUND is a collection of 130 ambient textures, drones, and atmospheric samples. These drones were created using over 100 plugins and various recordings from around my house and city.
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Synthblitz Audio Nitroflex

Nitroflex 2 is a unique wavetable synthesizer that offers a virtually unlimited number of high quality waveforms, with the power to recreate any type of sound needed either in the modern digital studio, or in a live environment.
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Sampleson MetaPiano

MetaPiano. A 60 Mb Modeled Grand Piano that sounds like a 30 Gb one. MetaPiano is the first Spectral Modeled Grand Piano out there. It was built upon real sound captures from a Japanese Concert Grand Piano and meticulously rebuilt by math algorithms.
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Loopmasters Umek Techno Foundations

Loopmasters are proud to present Techno Foundations, our second collaboration with the legendary DJ Umek! Expect more of Umek's finest audio tools within, 100% royalty free as usual from Loopmasters.
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Big Room Sound Metal Impacts Big

A collection of heavy metal crashes and impacts for massive destruction. Use as source material to create epic booms and stingers for trailers or pitch and blend multiple tracks for detailed car crashes or gun shot sweeteners.
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M3G Moguls Bando Boys

'Bando Boys' is produced with dark melodies, ear-catching chord progressions, rolling hi-hats, riffing percussion, punchy kicks and basses that are sure to keep the listener's attention.
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AudioFriend Boombox Funk Beats

100 funky 80s style drum loops processed to sound as fat as possible not only for retro music productions.
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Zero-G Ethera Gold Atlantis 2

Zero-G ETHERA Gold Atlantis 2 Ethera Gold Atlantis 2 is a new Kontakt Instrument perfect for creating soundtracks, cinematic music, epic music trailers and any music requiring Celtic, Epic, Fantasy, Medieval and Emotional solo vocals.
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Catalyst Samples Jazz Band Improvised : The Sessions

Jazz Band Improvised: The Sessions by Catalyst Samples is the 3rd instalment of our straight jazz sample packs – containing a full jazz band as they played, jammed and performed royalty free jazz. This Sample pack brings you everything you need to make jazz in seconds. Be the “Cool Cat” There is nothing more relaxing than a jazz band.
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Whitenoise Records SP202 HI-FI Drum Machines

"SP202 HI-FI Drum Machines" delivers must-have analog drum machine sounds sampled through the shady digital sound of the 1998 Boss SP202 sampler. This unique combination produces a gritty result really hard to achieve in the box. Each Drum Machine sound was sampled into the SP202 on "HI-FI" mode which output an unusual sample rate of 31kHz. All samples went though an ultra-careful mixing and mastering stage to still deliver the best quality possible. Drum Machine List: - Roland 808 - Roland 909 - Roland 606 - Roland CR-78 - Boss DR-110 - KORG KR-55 77 One Shots WAV at 44.1kHz, 24 bit.
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ModeAudio Portal Ambient Samples and Textures

You sift through the wreckage of a colossal city-state, noticing patches of green poking through the debris. Following the trail, you find flowers blooming around a circular opening in the dirt, its centre glowing blue - take the plunge with our latest release, the epic Portal - Ambient Samples & Textures!
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