Reason RE Haaswerk Psychedelic Haas

Reason RE Haaswerk Psychedelic Haas

Psychedelic HAAS is all about slicing samples! Powered with 4 sample slots, 4 Arpeggiators, a line based Matrix and a CV Pulse Generator it is capable of generating complex patterns and sounds. It's power lies in it's ability to alter sample start points on arpeggiator based settings.

- Sampler
- Slice Arpeggiator
- CV Generator

Psychedelic HAAS is very straightforward in use and layout. Just load in samples and kick in the arpeggiator to start slicing. Samples are loaded on fixed keys so just draw in a note and be ready to create some psychedelic sounds. It has individual audio outputs wich make it possible to route separate paths for each sample.

The build-in matrix makes it possible to define variations in samples played and settings used. use the matrix when you need more complexity in your sequence, or use it when in need of more control or ritmic repeats.

The most interesting controls have CV input available.

To add even more possibilities to the case, we have added a CV Pulse Generator to provide each sampler with a CV pulse signal on sample triggers. offcourse this can be setup to randomize.

New after the latest update! The Pulse Sequencer.
The Pulse Sequencer makes it possible to play samples based on a cv signal pulse when recieved on the new added (blue) cv input.

Build in fade out of 1.5ms and adjustable fade in are present to prevent clipping when slicing samples.

more detailed information and how to setup particular elements of the Psychedelic HAAS can be found the user manual.

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